Using SPSS: Analysis and Comparison in the Social Sciences

(c) 2003, 2004 Douglas R. White, Andrey Korotayev, and Daria Khaltourina
all rights reserved

This book is under construction! Use with caution; feedback appreciated!! It is the experimental textbook for a computer-lab based course in Comparative Research. The book will include a CD-ROM with the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, used to examplify research problems and processes.

Begin with Coded Variables SCCCodes.txt: 1-2003 and see sample articles in Cross-Cultural Research: A Cumulative Database and its Uses (Index to Variables)

Here are two very useful extracts in PDF:
SPSS2Word.pdf Pasting from SPSS to Word
The Julius graph
Advice for Contingency Tables 10-30-04 (Minimum procedures for statistical analysis)

Table of Contents !XC-BK0.doc !XC-BK0.pdf 12-10-03

1 Analysis and Comparison in Testing Theory: An Introduction !XC-BK1.doc !XC-BK1.pdf 12-10-03 4 live html links

2 Using a Database: Comparative Research with a Standard Sample !XC-BK2.doc !XC-BK2.pdf 12-10-03 5 live html links

3 How To Do Scatterplots and Maps in SPSS 10.0-13.0 !XC-BK3.doc 11-11-04 !XC-BK3.pdf

SPSS Version 12 changes from Sunflowers to Point Binning by Size

4 How To Do Cross-Tabs in Spss 10.0/11.0 !XC-BK4.doc 10-22-04 !XC-BK4.pdf

5 Statistical Analysis of Cross-Tabs !XC-BK5.doc 10-30-04 !XC-BK5.pdf many live html links

6 Reading Cross-Tabs and the Logic of Hypotheses !XC-BK6.doc 8-5-03 !XC-BK6.pdf

7 One Factor and Third Factor Tests !XC-BK7.doc 9-26-03 live html link !XC-BK7.pdf

8 The Problem of Interdependent Cases !XC-BK8.doc !XC-BK8.pdf 12-10-03

9 Conclusion !XC-BK9.doc empty

10 Bibliography !XC-BK10.doc 8-5-03

11 Instructional Example: A Course in Cross-Cultural Research !XC-BK11.doc 12-10-03

ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS - to be integrated

How to Read a Correlation Matrix - Darya Khaltourina CorrelationMatrix1.doc 10-11-04 CorrelationMatrix1.doc