World Cultures Journal Volume 1-3

Table of Contents

1-3 September 1985 Software for the Electronic Journal

    Software (IBM PC)-
  1. Maptab rapid access data management, mapping and tabulation
  2. PC-Write word-processor (courtesy of Quiksoft's shareware agreement)


  3. D.R.White Setting Up a Cross-Cultural Work Station
  4. D.R.White Micro Statistical Packages
  5. D.R.White Social Science Teleconferencing
  6. D.R.White Entailment Analysis
  7. D.R.White Satellite Data, Ecology & Geographic Systems
  8. D.R.White Micro-Computer Software
  9. D.R.White World Cultures Readership Activities
  10. D.R.White World Cultures News in Review
  11. D.R.White Computer Assisted Anthropology
  12. L. C. Freeman UCInet - UC Irvine's Network Analysis software