World Cultures Journal Volume 1-1

Table of Contents

1-1 March 1985 Murdock and White's Standard Cross-Cultural Sample Codes 1

  1. D.R.White World Cultures Database and Maptab Program

    Codebooks & Codes -

  2. D.R.White & M.L.Burton Standard Cross-Cultural Codebook 1
  3. G.P.Murdock and D.Morrow Subsistence Economy and Supportive Practices
  4. H.Barry III and L.Paxson Infancy and Early Childhood
  5. G.P.Murdock and S.Wilson Settlement Patterns and Community Organization
  6. A.Tuden and C.Marshall Political Organization
  7. G.P.Murdock and C.Provost 1) Division of Labor; and 2) Cultural Complexity
  8. G.J.Broude and S.J.Greene Sexual Attitudes and Practices
  9. J.M.W.Whiting Weather Station Data for the Standard Sample