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Journal of Comparative and Cross-Cultural Research                                                       Vol 11 No 2 Fall 2000

PLUS: World Cultures CD Data Disk: World Cultures Volumes 1 to 11#1

J. Patrick Gray, Editor


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J. Patrick Gray


Regional Identity and the Prospect of Devolution in Northeast England: A Method for Cross-Regional Comparison

Douglas Caulkins, Anna Painter and Tanya Hedges

Are Cross-Cultural Codes for Paternal Proximity and Paternal Warmth Measuring Similar Phenomena?

Rob Veneziano

Cross-cultural Codes of Modernization

William Divale and Albert Seda

The Walls of the Aran Islands: A Symbolic Tie to the Past

Alisia Jezierny

Manual for Evaluating Individual and Social Values Expressed in International Adolescentsí Drawings of the Ideal Woman and Man

Deborah A. Stiles and Judith L. Gibbons

World Cultures CD Data Disk: World Cultures Volumes 1 to 11#1

This subdirectory contains each of the past volumes of World Cultures from issue 1#1 through issue 11#1. Each past issue is in its own subdirectory. A note of warning. In the early issues of World Cultures some Standard Cross-Cultural Sample data files were published with errors. The reader should not use the data files for the Standard Sample or the Ethnographic Atlas from these early issues. Corrected versions of these files were published in later issues of World Cultures. Issue 10#1 contains corrected SPSS data file of all Standard Sample variables from STDS01.sav to STDS83.sav as well as corrected files for the Ethnographic Atlas.

William Divale

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