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Peter N. Peregrine's Atlas of Cultural Evolution
1. Archaeoethnology				 1
2. Cultural Evolution				10
3. Toward Explaining Cultural Evolution	        22
4. References Cited				32
5. Maps				                34
6. Codebook				        48
7. Descriptive Statistics			54
8. Correlations
published in World Cultures journal 14#1 (Fall 2003). The CD that comes with this issue has MapMaker (in a freeware version) and interactive archaeological maps connected to an archaeological GIS database. Site is under development.
2Million Years Ago

the images such as the one just above may be emf graphic files; the first time you open this link you are asked to open the image(s), and if you click OPEN (in IE at least) your fax and emf brower will activate after which you will see all the images. Questions: EMF graphics are 32bit only, is that the route to take (they are small files, which is advantagesous). Can these emf files be easily read? Are more interactive formats possible with the GIS data?.-drw Download Mapmaker Manual

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