From Tarascan Empire to Craft Production: A longitudinal research web-site (Tzintzuntzan, Mexico)

Robert V. Kemper, Eric Widmer, Douglas R. White.

Tzintzuntzan Preliminary Results

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after heroic work among eric widmer, van kemper and white during a 2.5 week wrapup of our joint research and postdoctoral fellowship for Eric we managed for the first time in the history of the project to link the records for individuals and for their household information (material wealth scale) for 1945, 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990 ethnographic censuses. The results are the best longitudinal database that we have seen for any village in Mexico (one that was central in the colonial period, and we will eventually link back through all the historical archives, now computerized, to 1780!) and unique for the study of migrants (all traced and interviewed in their new home sites), wealth and social class, social organization, and demography. The forwarded message is the first couple of hours' work with the new database and we are very excited about the results.

Van Kemper let us have his copies of the original census sheets, and while we are working on the analysis now together by electronic exchanges, I want to use the remaining $2,300 or so in the budget for our graduate assistant who entered the compadrazgo network data last summer to go through the original census sheets and make sure that we have recovered the household memberships correctly, because we had to do that by computation from other variables; they had never pulled all the linking face sheet data of the census forms to do that directly and this final step is vital to the integrity of the project. With your approval we will steam ahead and finish the project expenditures in this manner and then turn in the final report along with a draft of the jointly authored paper on "Social Class, Networks, and Migration in Tzintzuntzan" by Widmer White and Kemper. Other work will go on from there, and we will apply for further funding elsewhere. This final step is also important to the momentum of our research team working together.

the bicomponent is correlated with wealth in 1945, 1960 (children of wealthy more endogamous) and cargos in 70 negatively correlated with wealth in 70 and 80 (the poor are expending money for partic. in cmnty ritual, "wealth leveling") so the ethnographic feel of the results are starting to take on classic proportions re: stratification. Our huge investment of effort seems to be paying off. This are only the first couple of forays into data exploration.... have to leave off to get ready for travels and presentations in cologne, but good work, everyone!

Another result: those who are RICH in a given census correlate more with those who MIGRATE in the next time period.

1960,70,80: Migrants NOT in bicomponent.

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