The parish archive contains records from the Archivo de la Parroquia de San Francisco located in Tzintzuntzan. The archive has separate registries for baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths.The earliest records date from the late 1700s (after 1788) and continue with relatively little interruption to the present, except in the case of death records that ceased to be recorded at the parish around 1960.Prof. George M. Foster copied all of the parish registers by hand and/or by photocopier during the 1960s and these paper copies are currently located at SMU in Dallas.Subsequently, beginning in the early 1990s, Kemper organized an effort to record all of the information in these registries into computer files (using Microsoft Works, Spanish version).This work is being done by local residents who have trained to do data entry on portable computers.

  1. bautizo 1780-(1895- unabbreviated)
  2. confirmacion 1795 and 1854-
  3. expedientes 1710-
  4. matrimonio 1760- (1780- unabbreviated)
  5. defuncion 1760- (data is systematic from 1780 when the Franciscans left the archives to the secular clergy)

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 19:35:12 +0100

From: Maria del Carmen Pastor Cuevas <>


Subject: Franciscan archives from Morelia, Mejico


Dr. White


››› The parish archives that you are looking for must be preserved

at the Archive of Archbishopric of Morelia (Michocan until 1922), that

is situated on the Morelia's cathedral and on La Casa de Morelas in the

same city (there are records from the 16th to the 20th century).


››› There is one CD-ROM made by the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e

Historia de Mejico that include a descriptive guide of the documentary

series of those archives.


››› If the records that you look for they are the parish archives of the

village of Tzintzuntzan, they are preserved in the parish church of

Nuestra Se“ora de la Natividad in that town (documentation from 1712).




Garibay Alvarez, Jorge, Guia de fuentes documentales parroquiales de

Mejico, Madrid, Fundacion Historica Tavera, 1996, pp. 53-56.


››› I hope this information helps you in the inquiry.


››› Yours sincerely


››››››› Maria del Carmen Pastor Cuevas.