Tzintzuntzan Longitudinal Fieldsite Documentation (remove background)

Municipio Map 1945.jpg

Village Map for 1945 Village Map for 1990
Areal Photo ca. 1990? Areal Photos 2000 Photos 2000

Bibliography, George Foster (1997)


Documentation for the census datasets:

Codebk.dat for Persons 45-80            Codes for Household Possessions
master45-80.sav SPSS data

1945                            Scanned Copy HH data by 245 jefes SPSS file for HH data sorted by 1970 numbers (cc score only)

1960                            Scanned Copy HH data by 320 jefes SPSS file for HH data sorted by 1970 numbers

1970                            Scanned Copy HH data by 360 jefes SPSS file for HH data sorted by 1970 numbers

Data integration: 1970 use this file to link: 1980 id numbers referenced to 1970 numbers

1980                            Scanned Copy HH data by 448-450 jefes/HHs sorted by 1980 numbers PDF HH Coding Key

Data integration: 1980

1990                            Scanned Copy PDF HH Coding Key

2000                            Scanned Copy PDF HH Coding Key


Documentation for the biennial survey of the village population


Documentation for the Migrants census data: 1945-2000

1970                            Scanned Copy

1980                            Scanned Copy

1990                            Scanned Copy


Documentation for the Fichero dataset (master 5200+ individual data file), as of 1990


Documentation for the Parish archives, back to 1778:  30,000 baptismal records


Documentation for the Municipal archives, 1930-1990s


Documentation for the genealogies files (under construction)

  • 2-D scaling of intermarriage structure
  • 3-D p-graph of generations and intermarriage structure


    raw datafiles are passworded for the research team members only
    [see compadre.html on your personal website],   baptismal record file (now in later edition bautsho2),        master fichero  (now in later edition ficSep14),       file for sibling checking,      file for spouse checking,      file used by egocpl,            attribute data and network coordinates,      main dataset for SPSS

    Tarascan language codes


    Robert V. Kemper, SMU

    Eric Widmer, University of Geneva

    Douglas R. White, UC Irvine