Tzintzuntzan Longitudinal Fieldsite Documentation: 1945-1970 ethnographic censuses


These ethnographic censuses are all in Spanish, and contain some words are will be translated below.The 1945, 1960 and 1970 censuses are similar in structure.The printed form changed after 1945.Computer codes are identical, although the number of questions asked was expanded.Although there is an original 11x17Ó žI.N.E.A.H. Censo General 1945Ó format in which data were collected, these data were transcribed to the standardized format used in 1960 and 1970.Hence we will describe here that 8.5x14Ó standardized format.That format comes in two parts, Demographic data on people and the Household inventory data.


[paragraph on interviewers, data collection, numbers censused, etc. ]


TZ45INDV.DAT sample data


Questions on household membership ÷(explain žextendedÓ etc.)

Part I: Demographic data

1945: left off characteristics of individual persons




Kinship Relationship

Marriage Status


Occupation: Primary

Occupation: Secondary



Part II: Household Inventories

1945: computer coding left off data on fruit trees, plants, and animals;

tortilladora, bicycle, DDT, tractor (censused by not coded for analysis)

1945-70: 21 variables pertaining to the house, plus level of living score

1945 10 point scale 1960 20 point scale 1970 20 point scale

(1980 30 point scale 1990 40 point scale)

from 1980:

[codes to be appended]