Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems:

Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan

Douglas R. White and Ulla . Johansen

Foreword, by Andrey Korotayev v xxi

Preface and Acknowledgments p. xxv

Ch. 1. Introduction: Networks, Ethnography and Emergence p.1

Ch. 2: Problems of Analysis p.59

Ch. 3: Ethnographic Setting p.97

Ch. 4: Theory, Rules and Exceptionsization and Genealogical Memory p.111

Ch. 5: Network Models and Complexity: Measures, Graphs, and ContextSocial Rank and Marriage p.127

Ch. 6: Clan Structures and Dynamics p.165

Ch. 7: Marriage, Rank and Migration: Fractality in Social Structure p.225

Ch. 8: Demography, Structure, and Social Change p.295

Ch. 9: Decentralized Leadership and Network Cohesion p.321

Ch. 10: Graphic Approaches to Nomad Solidarity: The Endoconical Clan p.377

Ch. 11: Conclusions p.407

Gossary p.441

Appendix: The Nomad Genealogical Data and the WWW p.467

Bibliography p.473

Index of Authors p.489

Index of Subjects p.493

About the Authors p.497

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