Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems:
Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan

(c) 2002,2003 Douglas White, Ulla Johansen, Lexington Press (c)2005, All rights reserved

Douglas R. White, University of California Irvine;
Ulla C. Johansen, University of Cologne;

Turkish Nomad site

    The book combines complexity theory with a contribution to understanding of Middle Eastern social structure through an ethnographic study of network dynamics.

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    Title and TOC

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    Foreword, by Andrej Korotayev
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    Chapter 1. Introduction: Networks, Ethnography and Emergence
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    Chapter 2. Problems of Analysis
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    Chapter 3. Ethnographic Setting
    Chapter 4. Theory, Rules and Exceptions
    Chapter 5. Network Models and Complexity: Measures, Graphs, and Context
    Chapter 6. Clan Structures and Dynamics
    Chapter 7. Marriage, Rank and Migration: Fractality in Social Structure
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    Chapter 8. Demography, Structure, and Social Change
    Chapter 9. Decentralized Leadership and Network Cohesion
    Chapter 10. Graphic Approaches to Nomad Solidarity: The Endo-Conical Clan
    Chapter 11. Conclusions
    Glossary: Concepts for Networks and Ethnography (with footnotes for software operations)
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    About the Authors
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    Detailed Outline for index, not for publication updated 5-31-2004

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    Chapter 4. Clan Structures and Dynamics PDF / ZIP.
    Chapter 5. Marriage, Rank and Leadership PDF / ZIP.
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