Maps of Tlaxcala

These images ©Copyright Leonardo Ballesteros, Nueva Geografia Elemental del Estado del Tlaxcala. 1968. Mexico, D.F.:


Roads and Elevations

Wheat Growing Regions

Maize Growing Regions

Pulque Growing Regions

Belen is one of the communities where both maize and wheat are grown, but no pulque.

These images ©Copyright Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Geografia e Informatica, Tlaxcala Cuaderno de Informacion para la Planeacion. 1990. Aguascalientes, Ags.:

Population Density in 1980

Living Standards in 1980

Employment in 1985

Income per Capita in 1980

Belen is one of the communities of medium population density, living standards, employment and income per capita within Tlaxcala.

Governmental and Historical

Due to its alliance with the Spanish in the conquest of central Mexico, Tlaxcala is called the "cradle of mestizaje" on its government home page. The colonial Codex Lienzo de Tlaxcala was written to remind Spaniards that the conquest would not have been possible without Tlaxcalan help. The haciendas in the region did not displace but are in symbiosis with Indian-Mestizo communities descended from the original Tlaxcalans.

A map of the Haciendas in 1712. Image ©Copyright Isabet Gonzalez Sanchez, Haciendas y ranchos de Tlaxcala en 1712. 1969. INAH, Mexico, D.F.

In June 1997, Tlaxcala voted 44% for PRI, 24% for PRD, and 19% for PAN. Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo of the PRI gave a speech in the cabecera of Belen's municipio on September 17, 1997.

Religious Notes

The Day of the Dead in the Capital of Tlaxcala has been marked for more than 30 years by annual competitions to make ofrendas.