Steps in creating web pages and links

  1.Create the text material in whatever wordprocessor you like. 

  2.Convert to html (e.g., Word 97 will do this). 

  3.Move the file to the directory in the WWW root that you want it to be. 

  4.Go to the directory with netscape or explorer and double click the file. If you have correctly assigned the

     extension, it should open with Netscape. If not, ask Migalski to correctly set the extension. 

  5.Open the file in Netscape Composer. 

  6.Make sure all links are local ones. That is, when you look at the link properties, there should

     either be no path at all (the linked file is in the same directory); the path is indicated by

     relative reference (../ to get to the root directory, and paths down from that); or an absolute

     path starting with If you get any other sort of path, 

     you have probably been editing the file from the wrong location. See step 4.

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