1997 session

SESSION SEVEN: Affiliation Networks

Lecturers: Contents: Two-mode networks, theoretical motivations and background; representation of two-mode networks: affiliation matrices, bipartite graphs, hypergraphs, simplicial complexes. Examples from the book or any other source.
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Exercises: 1) on affiliation networks with data provided by the lecturers and from one's own dataset; 2) Analyze a part of the affiliation network as a Galois lattice. Galois lattices: an accurate model of a social system. Example with the Davis, Gardner and Gardner (1941) data. Assignment: W&F, Chapter 8 (pp.312-343)

SESSION EIGHT: Affiliation Networks

Lecturers: Contents: Co-membership of actors and overlapping of events; properties of actors and events (rate of participation, size of events, density, reachability, connectedness, diameter). Example from the book (Galazkiewiz CEO's).