Qing Chinese Imperial Lineage

Lee, James, and Wang Feng. 1999. One Quarter of Humanity: Malthusian Mythology and Chinese Realities, 1700-2000. Cambridge, Ma.: Harvard University Press, 1-100

Danching Ruan, Jeff Stern and I were consultants to James Lee, Cameron Campbell and Wang Feng on the China project as part of the EurAsian Project on Population and Family History (see Venice meeting page). Objectives were similar to those of the NSF Gwembe project: to link the study of family systems and household structure to the analysis of individual and household demographic behavior within a longitudinal framework that allows event-history analysis to be combined with time-series analysis. Long-run economic stress (Malthusian), short-run economic stress (boom and bust; harvest failure), and demographic stress on the family (deaths of important members, etc.) are examined as independent variables. The China project also looks at marriage alliance patterns and inbreeding in terms of demographic effects, and it is here that some of the pgraph approaches are in use.

The 1999 book by Lee and Feng represents a vast expansion of Lee's original work and is an ongoing project.