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  • 2002 Networks and Complexity: Special Issue, Complexity 8(1). full PDFs for all articles

  • 2005 Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan. Douglas R. White and Ulla C. Johansen. Boston: Lexington Press Paperback edition, $25.95. Paperback at Amazon See: Wikipedia book contents. ISBN # 0-7391-0896-4. Also distributed by AltaMira (once you procede to checkout the order you'll see the 15% discount), i.e., $102. Amazon hardback from $111     flyer     color figures     photo gallery     LOOK INSIDE! GN635.T82 W45 2005     errata

    The book combines complexity theory with a contribution to understanding of Middle Eastern social structure through an ethnographic study of network dynamics. - it is 500 pages and chock full of diagrams and illustrations. Using network visualization and the study of the dynamics of marriage choices, Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems expands the theory of social practice to show how changes in the structure of a society's kinship network affect the development of social cohesion over time. Using the genealogical networks of a Turkish nomad clan, the authors explore how changes in network cohesion are indicative of key processes of social change. This approach alters in fundamental ways the anthropological concepts of social structure, organizational dynamics, social cohesion, marriage strategies, as well as the study of community politics within the dynamics of ongoing personal interaction. See the Foreword by Andrey Korotayev.

    Related Book: Clan Politics and Regime Transition in Central Asia by Kathleen Colllins.

  • 2003 Using SPSS: Analysis and Comparison in the Social Sciences In preparation. Douglas R. White and Andrey Korotayev.

  • 1998 Kinship, Networks and Exchange Eds. Thomas Schweizer and Douglas R. White. Cambridge University Press reviews

  • 1994 Foundations for Social and Biological Evolution. Arthur Iberall, David Wilkinson and Douglas R. White. Laguna Hills, CA: Physical-Philosophic Publications. Sales direct from the authors ($14) to go to the Iberall Memorial Foundation.

  • 1989 Research Methods in Social Network Analysis Eds. Linton C. Freeman, Douglas R. White, and A. Kimball Romney. Transactions Publishers. , i.e., $79.00 (538 pp.)

    D. R. White and V. Duquenne, eds., Special Issue: SOCIAL NETWORK AND DISCRETE STRUCTURE ANALYSIS. Elsevier Press: Social Networks journal.

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