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P-Graph v5.1 is a package of several programs for kinship analysis and visualization, under the MS-DOS environment. Programs have been developed for both 16- and 32- bit Intel 80x86- based computers, including PGRAPH.EXE, for visualization and analysis of kinship cycles, cores, and other reductions, as well as of demographic data. Data is introduced as a simple 2 vector ascii file. Calculations are quick (O(n)) because of this data format. Other programs which come with PARGRAPH include PAR-PLOT, PAR-CALC, EGO2CPL, PAIRWISE, and PAR-UP. These programs are accompanied by a full set of kinship databases, some of which are displayed here online in the datasets section. Write to Dr. White below if you are interested in the PARGRAPH set of programs and data.

Douglas R White, Ph.D. drwhite@uci.edu

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