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PGRAPH: Software for Kinship and Marriage Networks (history)

see: Tool Kit for the Structural Analysis of Genealogical and Marriage Data

Doug White and Pat Skyhorse have developed this FTP/WWW site and completed the user's manual for Doug White's PGRAPH (c) 1997 research programs for kinship network analysis. The pgraph is a concept for a novel representation of such networks where the vertices are not individuals but intersections between individuals (as in marriage) or between groups and individuals, where graph-theoretic cycles and blocks are relevant units of analysis. Thanks to advances in computational graphics, the p-graph research community is no longer dependent on the p-graph package as the only means of rendering these graphs. The simplest pgraph option is to download the Ego2Cpl utility program, the Ego2Cpl manual and the 2002 Ego2all multiple format converter, (to Pajek, Pgraph, GEDCOM, and Raymond Barry's software - source code), or PG2Pajek dataformat converter, and then download Pajek and run it on the *.net or *.ged files it produces, depending on whether you want p-graph or conventional ego-network graphics. Or you can download the self-extracting installation files for a PGRAPH Version 2.6 for DOS on Win3.1
, a PGRAPH Version 2.6 for DOS that will run on Win95
, a PGRAPH Version 2.6 for DOS that will run on WinNT and Win2000
or another PGRAPH7 Version 2.7 for Windows, as well as updates for those who have downloaded earlier versions. The WINDOWS version 2.7 follows the formats of the Version 2.6 Manual for the DOS, but is free of three known bugs in DOS version 2.6. PGraph programs and their accompanying analytic and utility programs are called "The Parente Suite." The Parente Suite User's Guide, Vol. 1, containing a tutorial "Six Steps for Kinship Graphs: from Genealogical Data to Network Analysis," available here and in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and (*.doc) formats.

PGRAPHW for Windows is a BETA testing version with new white-background screen formats but comes with the warning that some advanced options of the 2.6 DOS and 2.7 Windows version are not yet available

email Douglas White or email Patricia Skyhorse [Canaan Logo]

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