Example: Silvia Casasola's "Intermarriage among Guatemalan Colonial Families" made by Pgraph, Pajek and Mage, courtesy of Doug White. Press "stop" on your browser to freeze the image and "Reload" to animate again. See help below and in prekin for making images. To view Kinemage Animated images you have to download by FTP Mage_4_5.exe from the Richardson's page, or from the Social Networks page. You may install it to your browser by setting preferences for applications for helper plug-ins to
encountering the file your browser will ask you to open or save (or just click it here and saving) and will start the program, but you have to open the file from where you saved it. (or else just download the program by FPT, run it, and open the *.KIN file you've saved from the web). When the file loads, click the black screen, and then keep clicking ANIMATE. Have fun!
here are two files: in plain text it is just a set of commands.... but as a kinematic image it is fantastic! The idea for this image was dreamed up by me but programmed for Pajek export by Andrej Mrvar in just a days work!
Guatemalan KineMage Animation (from Silvia's data)
Turkish Nomads KineMage Animation (from Johansen's data)