Download Dave Curtis's WPEDRAW program that allows you to import data in a very general format and displays large kinship trees. Very good tool for anthropologists. Software for drawing standard egocentered genealogical charts runs under Windows 95 and X Windows. It not only does pedigrees from a single ancestor, but if you go to change configuration you can mark "show all members" with a Y)es. It might be that you have to change some of other settings as well. the most important is that you have to set the columns to 1000 if you have large networks

Genealogical Programs and Utilities

FamilyTreeMaker---- Excellent Commercial Genealogy Program
Personal Ancestry File 4.0 (PAF) ----- LDS Church Genealogy Program - Free Download

webGED--------- GEDCOM to HTML File Converter for Internet Use [[out of commission]]
GED2WWW --- GEDCOM to HTML File Converter for Internet Use
GEDPAGE------ GEDCOM to HTML File Converter for Internet Use
GEDClean ------ "Privatize" GEDCOMS (removes living individuals)
GEDPrivy ------ "Privatize" GEDCOMS (removes birthdates on living individuals)
GEDLiving ----- "Privatize" GEDCOMS (removes data on living individuals - Usage: gedlivng [options] old.ged new.ged
-b place message as birth date
-c YYYY sets cutoff year (default: 1917)
-c YY sets cutoff year to current year - YY
-d deletes living individuals
-l "message" replace "Living individual, details withheld" with message
-m no message. same as -l""
-n keep notes
-r removes unreferenced GEDCOM lines
-y replaces dates with year only. This overrides -b -l & -n )

Res Privata ----- "Privatize" GEDCOMS (removes birth, death, marriage, adoption or other data on living individuals)
GEDCOM ------ Various Utility Programs

Some other Genealogical Tools and Resources family history files submitted by visitors, the largest collection of it's kind on the internet
and FREE SEARCHES Search our free new databases, list of free databases, our popular Social Security Death Index (60 million names), the Ancestry World Tree (9.7 million names), Phone and Address Listings, American Genealogical-Biographical Index or Juliana's Links. Search for Maps or Gazetteers.
P-graph DataSets Available: with academic permissions
Genealogy Data Files from Networks / Pajek Package for Large Network Analysis; Local Mirror of Genealogy Data Files from Vlado Batagelj's Pajek Package for Large Network Analysis
On-Line Genealogy Index, e.g.:
Hawaiian Royalty
Download KithKin for P-graphs This is a commercial program that draws p-graphs from GEDCOM files.

Starting Point for ordinary Genealogical Archives Message from the authors:
Subject: Scholarly Library and Archives Resources Site: Genealogy and Family History.
Hi Prof. White,
My name is Tom Tinney, Sr., retired genealogical research specialist. My wife Chris and I have developed and voluntarily maintain a non-profit, no ads, Genealogy and Family History web site at:
This is a specific educational, Library and Archives Resources site that deals directly with UCDavis, Shields Library, the Sacramento Regional Community and extended UC systemwide Internet connections. Please review it carefully for consideration as a benefit for university and college students, faculty and staff, alumni library researchers and general genealogy and family history library patrons, worldwide.
This comprehensive training site is a learning-by-doing, self-contained and self-paced teaching instrument, using examples of a real time family organization to show how and what can be accomplished today in scholarly research in this area of the auxiliary sciences to History.
The Tinney Surname study, back to 4,000 B.C., is a kinship database and genealogy from around the world that is pertinent to The Linkages Project, as recorded by anthropologists.
Respectfully yours,
Tom Tinney, Sr.
Listed in: Who's Who In The West, 1998/1999
Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry

Free Search Free Search Message from the authors of the free search: Subject: Your Surname History!! We hope we can help you. Our whole site is directed toward the genealogical researcher. You will find guideposts which can be freely investigated, downloaded. On the other hand, if you are seeking your recent past ancestry it may contribute less.
We have unique references and after 25 years professional research we have assembled an impressive reference library of ancient references to your surname. For instance, you will find a 40,000 surname database of history of surnames in the British Museum. Or you might find the genealogical base in the Library of Congress. You might find surnames related to Stately Homes and Castles in Britain. Or you might find synopsis of Norman landlords of Britain in the 11th century.
We are a professional organization although there is no obligation to purchase any product or service. There are over 900 URL's on our site. To explore the full site takes well over an hour. We have 4 major search engines for your use.
We freely invite you to visit. You may download anything in sight, including clan tartans and historical information so long as it is for your own personal use.