Downloading Ego2Cpl (to download use Shift-Left-Mouse-Button) gives you access to a powerful tool for converting genealogical data into formats for network (NET) or genealogical exchange data (GED) files that can be used with Pajek, the package for large data analysis (see toolkit). Extensive error checking insures that your file does not contain contradictory data such as two mothers for the same person, two people who are each parents of one another, persons listed in one place as male and another as female and so forth; checking is also done for consistency between listing parents and appearance of those parents as egos in the same file. This format is ideal for taking data out of flat databases such as census listings, or copying data off printed genealogical charts through a numbering system. The alternative is to use genealogical input software available commercially or as freeware, and save the data as a GED file (extension *.ged) that can be read directly by Pajek.
  3  Sample Demo Data  Sex Spo. Fa Mo Mar.Date<--- formatnumber and title
(I4,A20,1x,A1,3I4,3x,I2)      <--- Integer-4-col,Alpha-20-col,skip-1,etc.:DATA FORMAT
   1 John Schmidt        M   2   4   5  1920  <--- shows his first wife
   1 John Schmidt        M   3   4   5  1935  <--- shows his second wife
   2 Mary Finley         F   1   8   9  1920  <--- F=female
   3 Sara Gonzalez       F   1   0   0  1935  <--- Spouse is 1, no data for parents
   4 Adam Schmidt        M   5   0   0  1895  <--- M=male
   5 Elizabeth Markowitz F   4   0   0  1897
   6 Maude Schmidt       F   0   1   2
   7 John Schmidt, Jr.   F   0   1   2
END OF DATA                                   <--- required to end


  1  Ego#, Name, Sex, Fa#, Mo#, Spo# ... AND OTHER DATA (OPTIONAL)
  2  Ego#, Sex, Name, Fa#, Mo#, Spo# ... AND OTHER DATA (OPTIONAL)
  3  Ego#, Name, Sex, Spo#, Fa#, Mo#, DECADES... AND OTHER (OPTIONAL) DATA
  4  Ego#, Sex, Name, Spo#, Fa#, Mo# ... AND OTHER DATA (OPTIONAL)
  5  Ego#, Sex, Spo#, Fa#, Mo#, Name ... AND OTHER DATA (OPTIONAL)