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How do I make my server understand the various chemical mime types?

 Netscape Navigator decides which plug-in (or helper application) to use for a Web browser link or embedded plug-in based on the "mime-type" or
 specialized data encoding. Local files on your workstation are assigned a mime-type based on their extension. Files on a server, however, must be tagged
 by the server so that Netscape Navigator can recognize the mime-type. This is done through a designated configuration file on the server. Otherwise,
 your server will display a "broken plug-in" icon or may load a previously requested helper application for your chemical structures. 

 If you are using Netscape Server your server administrator must add the following lines to the mime.types configuration file: 

    type=chemical/x-mdl-molfile          exts=mol
    type=chemical/x-mdl-tgf              exts=tgf
    type=chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile          exts=rxnfile
    type=chemical/x-pdb                  exts=pdb
    type=chemical/x-gaussian-input       exts=gau
    type=chemical/x-xyz                  exts=xyz
    type=chemical/x-mopac-input          exts=mop
    type=chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide   exts=emb,embl
    type=chemical/x-csml                 exts=csm,csml
    type=application/x-spt               exts=spt
    type=application/x-javascript        exts=js

 You must restart your server for these changes to take effect. 

(this page from Chime FAQ/install)

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