Linkages: Data Sets
School of Social Sciences
University of California, Irvine

    The graphs of these datasets come in one of two formats. Mosaic and Netscape can display GIF's automatically, but are of lower resolution. The PostScript files will display in the highest resolution your viewer or printer is capable of, but require special software (such as ghostview for UNIX or MS-DOS) or printers.

    [PS] = Postscript: must have a Postscript viewer or printer
    [GIF] = Graphics Interchange Format

    DataSets Available: with academic permissions .. Bibliographies

    Sample DataSets Shown:

  1. [PS] Canaan: Old Testament Patriarchs
  2. [PS] Java: Muslim elites in a village in Indonesia
  3. [GIF] Mazulu: A village in Gwembe Tonga, S Zambia
  4. [PS] US Presidents: The Genealogy of America's Chief Executive

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