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Peter Courtney was born in Manly NSW in 1932. In 1957 he graduated as an architect from Sydney University. As part of his architectural studies he received tuition in the basic art skills from Lloyd Rees, who taught Freehand Drawing and Painting.

In 1981 Peter retired from architectural practice and founded Barrenjoey Art School at Palm Beach NSW. He produced a video and book of art instruction titled "Art Class", and in 1988 established an "Art in the Environment" course at Ku-ring-gai College of Advanced Education. In 1989 Peter retired from teaching to devote all his time to his own work and in that year held his first solo exhibition, "From Barrnjoey to Kakadu". He was a member of the World Wildlife Fund's first tour, "Into Africa", and from that experience produced his second solo exhibition, "Into Africa with WWF".

In 1991 Peter and his wife Kitty moved to Tasmania where he designed and built a house in Tinderbox. This is Peter's first exhibition in Tasmania and the majority of works are carried out in pure egg tempera. Egg tempera was the principal medium used in Europe up to about the middle of the 15th century when oil painting became the preferred method for "easel" painting. Egg tempera is made by combining the yolk of an egg with ground dry pigment and then thinning with water. It is a demanding medium as the paint dries within seconds, but a limitless number of glazes can be built up to give tempera painting a unique luminosity.




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