Kinedit is a very simple application that has been in hypercard up to now. You drag appropriate symbols out of a box, postion them and marry people. It is just a graphical editor, to produce data for other purposes. The kindraw thing has been a version of the prolog programme that appears in my book, with a bit smarter line drawing. It is being translated into java. We may also offer an interface to our site soon based on kin relations. We were considering building pgraph into brower views as well.

I have to have kinedit fully operational by end of October, because that is when the class that uses it appears. I will let you know when done. BTW have talked to David Rhubottom at Manchester, Janet Bagg at Kent, and Dwight Read at UCLA about building a toolbox of java beans for kinship depiction and analysis. This is one of the reasons I was going to contact you, since this would benefit greatly from your work. Have you looked at java as yet?



see: Prolog programs