From: Jeff Stern System Administrator
To: Douglas R. White
Subject: How do my students upload their files, e.g., for web pages?

Using FTP, your students can upload to the location:

They should sign in as 'anonymous' and use their full email address as the password.

Tell them that after they upload their files, they will not be able to see them: That's O.K. It's because anonymous users have 'write' permission for this directory, but not 'read' permission. So they can put something into it, but cannot see what they've put in... This is for numerous security purposes..
FROM DOUG TO STUDENTS OR OTHERS WISHING TO UPLOAD: Please email me when you have completed the upload and let me know about your file(s) arrival !!!
(what follows are Jeff's notes for me on how to retrieve!!)
Now, even though to them this directory looks like /pub/student_uploads, to *you* (that is, to eclectic users inside the system) the real directory is /home/ftp/pub/student_uploads.

You (user 'drwhite') *can* read the contents of the /home/ftp/pub/student_uploads directory.

For your convenience, however, I have made a link to /home/ftp/pub/student_uploads inside your own subdirectory. That link is '/home/drwhite/student_uploads'. This link acts as if it were the real directory. That is, you can cd into it if u want, you can copy stuff from and to it, etc..

I couldn't tell from your original letter what it is you actually want. I am guessing that you might want the students to see the stuff that other students have uploaded. In that case you (user 'drwhite') can copy the stuff from the /home/drwhite/student_uploads directory (really '/home/ftp/pub/student_uploads') to your /home/drwhite/Public_html/student directory this way:

cd <-- this just puts u back in ur home dir.
so you can refer to the link, 'student_uploads'
cp student_uploads/* Public_html/student

Now, anyone can now see all the stuff you've copied over, just by pointing their browser to

and supplying the usual username and password for that page, which we worked out earlier.

This way requires an extra step for you and an extra one for your students, but it's really the only way I could work it out without short-circuiting the security of the system.

Hope this helps..