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I have one reprint I can send based on Island Chumash social networks. To whom should I send it?

Chapter 9 of my Ph.D. dissertation, Chumash Social Organization (UCSB, 1988), also applies social networks concepts and techniques to the analysis of regional interaction in a larger portion of Chumash territory. I have incorporated part of that analysis into a study that will soon be published. Here is the citation:
Johnson, J. R. (forthcoming), "Social Responses to Climate Change among the Chumash Indians of South Central California." In: The Way the Wing Blows: Climate, History and Human Action, edited by Roderick J. McIntosh, Joseph Tainter, and Susan Keech McIntosh, Columbia University Press, New York. I have some unpublished "gray literature" and more studies in progress - all based on reconstruction of social interaction through analysis of intervillage marriages documented in mission registers. Were I in a more academic setting, I would like to pursue such research to a greater degree and publish more than I have time to do now, especially the quantitative analysis of the data.
My time at the museum is mostly devoted to public education and applied research. However, through some contracted ethnohistoric studies for various government agencies, we have now built up a data base containing genealogical and life history data on approximately 30,000 southern California Indians baptized at eight missions. Eventually I hope to use this material to undertake some cross-cultural comparisons between different California Indian groups based on network analyses of marriage patterns. Sincerely,


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