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Art by Margaret Huang

I plan to create a paper based strongly on this interview with web links about Asian American history, organizations, publications and articles on Asian American Identity. The lucky subject of my interview will be Cindy Nakamura (pseudonym) , mother of my good friend Kim Nakumara (pseudonym). During my youth and playing with Kim, it often struck me as odd that Mrs. N. could speak English perfectly, while all other parents of my Asian friends had heavy accents. I never recognized the importance of her past -- until of late, when I was better educated about the Asian migrations during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Haphazardly, and luckily might I add, she has fallen into being my subject of interview. I was ecstatic to find out that she is a 4th generation Japanese whose American roots grew deep into Asian-American history as early as the sugar fields where a booming industry. Her great grandparents arrived on the shores of Hawaii to find work on the plantations. She was born and raised in Hawaii, until she traveled eastward to the mainland eighteen years later. Art by Kazihuzo Sano

I intend to deliver a brief description of her grandparents stories past on to her by word of mouth. Then I will turn the focus onto her life, growing up in America as an Asian American whose home land was foreign to her. While analyzing her experiences and personal emotions in the States, I intend to delineate any conflicting emotions of existence and self-reflection. Her experiences are unique, because she only knows America, for she is foreign to Japanese tongue, and soil. By drawing interesting details about a pure 4th generation American, entrapped by her racial uniform, I predict there will be some interesting tales and ideas to manifest before the diverse, but questionably "equal" present-day America.

Her stories will become the stories of the likes of people like myself. Born and raised in a foreign land, that is, consequently, not that foreign. Her matured and wise opinions, brought about by experience, should open doors to new ideas for Asian Americans of the future. What is to become of my life? Of the Asian American guy or girl who has lived like me? The future holds what has been constructed in the pasts of the likes of my subject.

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Civilian Exclusion Orders, similar to this one, were posted in areas that were to be evacuated. They notified the people on what they were allowed to bring with them, but offered no information on where they were to be taken. ® ® ® ¯


A History of Japanese-American Internment: a project by students of the Father Ryan High School in Nashville.

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Japanese American Women - Lafayette Exhibit, "There to Here", explores history, cultural identity of 3rd generation of Japanese American.


Promise of Gold Mountain:- Tucson's Chinese Heritage - exhibit tracing their history through pictures, biographies and essays.

Wing Luke Asian Museum - community-based, pan-Asian American museum devoted to preserving and presenting the history, art, and culture of Asian Pacific Americans.

Non-commercial Organizations


Alliance Working for Asian Rights and Empowerment

Asian America - listing of weekly PBS programs, exclusive sites on various, Asian-American topics, profiles of Asian-Americans.

Asian American Cybernauts

Asian American Economic Development Enterprises, Inc. - devoted to helping Asian Americans grow economically in Southern California. Business consultation and workshops, job fairs and internships.

Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)

Asian Americans in Public Health - formed to promote and encourage greater understanding of health issues pertaining to Asians in the United States.

Asian American Women's Alliance - dedicated to building leadership skills among Asian American women in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Asian Community Online Network - ACON serves the Asian Pacific American social service and non-profit community.

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Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco - seeking to "foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese and Chinese American art, history and culture in the U.S."

Diversity on the Web

Reaching Critical Mass: Asian Americans in California - Los Angeles Times' in depth report in the present conditions of Asian Americans in California and the U.S.



Art by Kazihuzo Sano


"Being that the Northwest is a gateway to the East, we as Asian Americans should stand up and

mellow yellow squat the Union Street Railroad Building and reconstruct it into a national arts and cultural museum center. So much of Asian American arts and culture has yet to appear and too soon to disappear: our writing, visual arts, poetry, dancing, fashion, music, films, photography and aesthetics, cultural, psychological, religious, spiritual input, etc. The best of the East and West are not being properly recorded. Let the world know and appreciate our contributions." – Munio Makuuchi

Asian Art - The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia. (This is my favorite sit to explore Art from all Asian-cultures).

Asian American Arts Alliance - A non-profit service organization dedicated to increasing the support, recogition and appreciation of Asian American arts.

Asian American Arts Foundation - Northern California non- profit organization assisting the Asian Pacific arts community.

United Asian Artists Network - a non-profit organization which provides professional, educational,and social opportunities to Asian artists and those with an interest in the arts.

Literature and Magazines

A Magazine Online - magazine with mission "to report on the developments, address the issues, and celebrate the achievements of "…the new generation of Asian Americans."

Asian American Policy Review

Asian American Writers' Workshop - dedicated to the creation, publication and distribution of Asian American literature.

Asian Media Access - meeting the media needs of and promoting the art and culture of Asian Americans.

South Asian American literature and issues

TMIWeb: Transpacific, Face, Tea, etc.

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"May [Mickey] Rooney burn in hell for this supremely racist bit of 'acting' " [Frame from Breakfast at Tiffany's]

- Quote by Robert Ito (via Bright Lights Journal).


Click for more viewpoints regarding Asian portrayed in Hollywood.

Asian American Media Development - a proactive non-profit organization creating positive and accurate portrayals for Asian-Americans in the world of influential film and television, promoting cultural understanding and Asian-American participation.

San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival - celebrates Asian cultures in North America and abroad,challenging us to seek out the possibilities of art and its implications for the rapid "globalization" of the world's cultures.

Vanishing Son - UC Berkeley student, Amy Kashiwabara's study on 'The appearance, disappearance and assimilation of the Asian-American man in American mainstream media."


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