Mary Grace White was born on 23 Dec 1906 in Minneapolis MN and died Dec 2006. Occupations: Pre-kindergarten Teacher in Washington DC; Sales in Photographic Studio, Washington DC; Sales at Marshall Field Co. and at Best & Co., Chicago. After Jim Died, real estate sales for a year or so then office clerk at Northwestern University from 1960 to 1968 while Peter attended. Parents: Solon Marx , M.D. White and Sarah Minor Abbott.
She was married to Lyman Thompson in Aug 1929 in Minneapolis MN. The marriage was annuled about 1933.
She was married to James L. Coffield on 14 Jan 1939 in Chicago IL. Children were: Michael Coffield, Peter Tenney Coffield. Jim's wife Louise had died at 32 leaving three children who joined Mike and Peter in a single family.

Hi Doc!   I tried again, going directly to the source, Kitty, and out came the wonderful shots that will remain in our hearts.....our beautiful and loving lady.   After our mother, Louise, died, she saved our lives by making a real home for a grieving family.  She shared so much love with the 3 of us, and All of your family.  I was 9, Kitty5 and Jim, a baby.
Because of Mary you all trusted her affection for us and treated us like brothers and sisters........and oh, how we needed that at that time. (She died at 32.)  

We love you and thank you all!   And to dear MOM..who will always be the source of our personal strength and courage....and a great sense of humor!  


Jan 6, 2007
Dear Ones,
Here are photos of the great celebration yesterday of scattering
Mom's ashes. Please note:
The picnic.jpg Photo 1--The Picnic---Caviar Pie, fresh bread, smoked salmon,champagne. Can you see the various photos of Mom placed around the picnic cloth--dancing with Peter, at our wedding, on the motorbike, breakfast in bed, etc.
Michael calls KC.jpg Photo 2: Michael, on top of Barrenjoey Headland, calls us and talks us through the scene as he scatters the first lot of ashes.
Ashes into bowl.jpg Photo 3: Michael pours the ashes into a scattering bowl.
Mom dances off Barrenjoey Head.jpg Photo 4: 1st scattering--Mom dances off Barrenjoey Head.
Mom dances on Green.jpg Photo 5: 2nd scattering--Charlie lets Mom dance over her favourite golf course at Palm Beach where she taught Charlie to play golf.
Mom's final dance over Pittwater.jpg Photo 6: Final scattering: Charlie lets Mom dance into Heaven over Pittwater.

Mom was there and loved every minute!!!

Kitty Courtney

Beautiful!!! She was there for it all.

The winds picked her up and the U.S.-Russian Satellite has reported sightings of ashes in the high atmosphere----DNA "Mary Grace White Coffield"----falling on the ship Q II in the Pacific headed for Australia, north to Birch Lake, Minnesota, Lake Minetonka, Edina, Bayfield, Wisconsin and the far end of Madeline Island, as well as down to 1126 Forest Ave. in Wilmette, Illinois and as far south as West Milton, Ohio north of Dayton.

DNA analysis has established that the ashes are now those of an angel---named "Grace"--and composed of love and inspiration, kindness and humor, and strength and courage. All family members should be on the alert for "dust in the wind" as it might just be "Grace". She is among us always.

Love and hugs to all,


Dear Ones,

We had a foggy day yesterday and all day the world was totally obscured out
our front windows facing Mt. Hope Bay.

This morning I arose to the most glorious sunrise I have ever seen.

I knew why... The ashes of our angel of grace had arrived and were painting
the eastern sky with the colors of her magnificent life.

I thanked God for the many years we had with those three... Asher, Elizabeth
and Mary Grace. What wonderful mentors they were to us all. What wonderful
ties we have ... of one to another!

Please, God, keep us all in the palm of your hand. Hold us together as a
family and continue to keep us joined in love and your blessings.

Margot White Cottrell

Betty absolutely adored her, feeling she was sort of a surrogate Mom. Mary
was one of the most common sense, down-to-earth, non-judgemental people I've
ever known. She faced adversity with great courage at the loss of her
beloved Jim and Peter, and made each of us in the family feel we were the
most important person in the world when she talked with us. The kids gave
her a wonderfully appropriate send-off at one of her favorite places. Thanks
for sending the photos...Betty and will cherish them! And AHMEN to Mike and
Margot's comments.

Love,   Peter Rogers

To follow all these wonderful accolades is not easy. Barb & I feel, as all
of you do, that Mary was a very special person. Asher, Mom and Mary were 3
very special people. I will never forget, one instance many years ago, Mary
and Peter were visiting Mom in Wayzata. Asher arrived and the four of them
were sitting around Mom's dining room table,when Peter produced a strange
cigarette. A discussion ensued and all agreed that it might be wise to try
it, as it was becoming a rather popular pastime. Shortly thereafter, I
arrived and was rather stunned by the smell, which was still lingering. I
wish I had had a camera to catch those guilty faces. The fun they had
together, the joy they brought to all of us and the memories we now have
will last forever. Those of you who never heard this story, it is true. Love
Barb & Jim