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Extract an Entailment Network from a SEA Table


Extracts a (dyadic) network of entailments from a sea.table object, based on a specified error threshold.

Usage, thresh = 0.1, measure = c("rate", "z-score",
    "binom.p"), remove.redundant = TRUE, req.str = TRUE)


x an object of class sea.table.
thresh error threshold to employ when extracting entailments; only rules with error rates less than thresh are retained.
measure error measure to use; rate for absolute error rates, z-score for z-scores, or binom.p for p-values under an exact Binomial test.
remove.redundant logical; should redundant implications be removed?
req.str logical; should implications be required to satisfy White's “strong relationship” rule to be included?

Details returns a (possibly minimal) adjacency matrix expressing the dyadic entailments on the variables of x. This is formed by selecting all dyadic entailments whose error rates (or error cell z-scores/p-values if measure=="z-score" or measure=="binom.p", respectively) are less than thresh. In the event that multiple relationships meet this criterion for a given directed dyad, the strongest is kept; relationships may be further filtered based on White's strength criterion (if req.str==TRUE) or to eliminate redundancy (if remove.redundant==TRUE). The remaining entailments are expressed as a valued adjacency matrix (see below), which is suitable for visualization or analysis using packages such as sna.


An adjacency matrix expressing the relationships among the input variables. Directed dyad values should be interpreted as follows:

0 No non-redundant X,Y relationship
1 X implies Y
2 X and Y are mutually exclusive
3 X and Y are mutually coexhaustive


Carter T. Butts


White, D.R.; Burton, M.; and Brudner, L. 1977. “Entailment Theory and Method: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Sexual Division of Labor.” Behavior Science Research, 12:1-24.

White, D. R. 2000. “Manual For Statistical Entailment Analysis 2.0: Sea.Exe.” World Cultures, 11(1): 77-90.

See Also

sea.table, sea.entailment

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