WINTER 1999: World Cultural Comparisons SST 155 2:00-3:20 Tues, Thurs

Anthropology 174AW: 60370 Douglas R. White Office Hours T,Th 1-2 SSPA 4170 (949)824 5893

Introduction to ethnology/ethnography, comparative research and theory, culminating in processes of discovery and hypothesis testing using world cultural databases to which students have access and can contribute. This year's class features the use of Spss, the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Term paper project will be based on research using the cross-cultural database. Materials needed for the project will be provided, but students need to find references relevant to their topic (from review articles provided) in the cross-cultural literature in the library.

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Home pages for students in the class

Writing assignments and oral presentations for the class: a 1-2 page proposal, a preliminary study (8-10 pp. plus appendices), an oral presentation of the final project using transparencies or a web page to show results, and a term paper (12-15 pp. plus appendices).

Provided in Class, Thurs Jan 7th: Cost $4 (to refund anthro department for xeroxing)

Provided by University Reader Service in Class, Tues Jan 12th:

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Finding a Research Topic (Readings: Ember and Levinson ; Burton and White)

Week 3: (Readings: Paige and Paige "Reproductive Ritual")

Week 4: Finding a Research Topic (Readings: find readings for your topic in library)

Week 5: Researching your Topics (library research and the cross-cultural literature)

Week 6: Writing your research report

Week 7: Getting your Tables and your Argument in order

Week 8: Getting your Tables and your Argument in order

INTERNET INFORMATION: Standard Cross-Cultural Sample

INTERNET INFORMATION: Spss (for use with standard sample)


INTERNET INFORMATION: Reference books on writing