Spss Version by William Divale of the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample

The Standard Cross-Cultural Sample is a collective series of data based on a sample selection by George P. Murdock and Douglas R. White of 186 ethnographically well-described societies, published in the journal ETHNOLOGY in 1969, and followed by scores of publications by diverse authors that coded the SCCS societies for many different types of societal characteristics. The Standard Sample database classifies characteristics of the societies based on the research of different authors. Codes can often be cross-checked across different studies for reliability.
The Standard Cross-Cultural Sample database currently contains more than 2,008 variables coded in fifty or more different studies by scores of different authors in different disciplines. The Spss version prepared for publication in World Cultures by William Divale contains:
  • spss data files
  • full codebook documentation for labeling tables
  • coordinates for mapping variables