SPSS: I made a cross tab of var564 by 571, and since the variables were ordinally related, I asked for Statistics/tau-b, and I got two tables. I clicked on each in turn and

POWERPOINT: Pasted/Paste Special (Picture) each into the same PowerPoint slide. In the little text box at the top I labeled the tables 564x571. In PowerPoint I first saved the *.ppt file and then clicked File/Save as HTML and went thru the options, including the subdirectory where all the HTML pages would be stored (it will be seen as a subdirectory from where you saved the *.ppt).

Windows EXPLORER: Now I found my graphic of the table as img001.jpg in the subdirectory with the HTML pages. I renamed the *.jpg file 564x571.jpg and if I were a student I would attach the file to (me:Dr. White) in an email and he would transfer it to the class web page at http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/courses/.

NOTEBOARD: now I just entered [img src="../courses/571x564.jpg"] in angle brackets to make the image appear thus:

TO MAKE A WEB PAGE presentation of your project you do somewhat the same thing.