In-Class Exercise, Tues Week 3 due Thursday latest
Pick two variables out of the Spss files (some classes used MapTab files) and run a cross-tabulation
Pick and justify an appropriate choice of a correlation measure for your table after reading chapter 5, and report on the meaning of the significance test for this correlation

Proposal due Thurs Week 3 Suggested Outline

P-Introduction Research Problem or Topic

V-Selection of 2 or more variables to begin research


S-Possible Significance, i.e., Importance of Findings

R-Reference(s), including cites to sources of codes (in codebook)

Remember you will investigate not just the relationship between two variables but between two topics, each with numerous variables. When the variables on a single topic measure something similar, you can investigate their reliability.

The final paper will also have a section on an ethnographic case study, what it indicates about the topic and hypotheses