Grading: 10 assignments over 10 weeks

04% 1 Map making exercise A, week 1

06% 2 Single factor exercises B (turn in some hypotheses regarding your factor), C (your data reduction factor table) week 2

08% 3 Single factor exercises D (maps of your factor, one other variable), E (final factor table and two cross-tabs for hypothesis test) week 3

18% 4 First individual/pair/group (or part of group) POWERPOINT PRESENTATION on factor, week 3 (ideally)

(36% weeks 1-3)

04% 5 Class notes for one or more lecture or lab session, POSTED TO NOTEBOARD by the next session

06% 6 Class presence/participation/discussion/notebook commentaries

08% 7 1 short book/reading report for part II (can be a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, e.g., missing chapters of Turchin text)

08% 8 1 page reaction to the Global Warming and the Stern Report

(24% overall and weeks 4-6)

30% 9 term paper (8-10 pp. plus appendices) how the parts fit together, free essay

10% 10 POWERPOINT PRESENTATION to class (or overheads, or web page) of your ideas for paper or Final Project -

(40% term paper or final project pulling 1-3 and 4-6 together) paper due exam week

------ (no exams, no final)