04% 1 POST background bibliography relevant to your project TO NOTEBOARD

04% 2 1-2 page proposal POSTED TO NOTEBOARD

04% 3 Class notes for one or more lecture or lab session, POSTED TO NOTEBOARD by the next session

06% 4 Class presence/participation/discussion/notebook commentaries, e.g., on the on-line text (this counts alot! To learn what you need you'll need to be in class and rely on, comment on, ask about the text)

18% 5 preliminary study for the term project (8-10 pp. plus appendices)

20% 6 Oral Final Project Presentation to class (powerpoint, overheads, or web page)

40% 7 term paper (12-15 pp. plus appendices)

04% 5-7 provided on disk or web as part of the assignment


100% (no exams)