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The Center for Evolutionary Physics grows out of decades of interdisciplinary work by Arthur Iberall, Harry Soodak and associates such as Warren McCulloch, Rudolfo Llinas, Harold Lasswell, Conrad Arensberg and others. A number of projects are underway by cross-linked research teams at different locales. We invite participation of researchers and students who would like training in physical theory as applied to the social and biological sciences, which promises to be one of the exciting frontiers of coming decades. A web site operated by the Center provides an introduction to Homeokinetic Theory, one of the contenders in development of a science of evolutionary complexity.

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The role of the Social Science Division of the Center is to facilitate developments of foundational theory in the physical sciences of physics and biochemistry that connect to the development of social science research in the next decades. Our current goal is to promote the rigorous development of an evolutionary physics.

Center activities include the training of social scientists versed in physical theory, the assembly of a library of critical readings and of biographical teaching materials on the careers of scientists who have contributed to such developments, and the production of primers and other publications that explicate the foundations for physical theory in social science. Central activities to which these contribute include the discovery of relationships between physical theory and existing social science theories or findings, compilation and analysis of datasets that contribute to theory-testing, the formation of working groups to achieve these ends, and generation of funding to conduct research, training, and dissemination. The center conducts activities at a variety of universities and other centers in the U.S., including CUNY, UCLA, UCI, USC, U Connecticut, U Michigan, and DOT - Kendall Square.

Physical Science Faculty: Arthur Iberall UCI, Frank Hassler DOT, Harry Soodak CUNY

Social Science Faculty: Richard Baum UCLA, Alexander Moore USC, Douglas White UCI, David Wilkinson UCLA, Bill Mace Conn, Mike Turvey U Conn, Geoff Gerstner, U Mich

Researchers affiliated with the center are currently working on a seminal volume to serve as an introduction to the physical basis for social phenomena (Physical Theory in Social Science Primer) as complex thermodynamic and fluid dynamic systems. How physical theory is applied to biological, social and cultural systems is the theme of a projected volume dealing with the following chapters:

1. History of humankind (events in time and space)

2. Making sense of value systems (memory in complex systems)

3. Introduction to science and systematic study

4. Movement and change: basic ideas in flow systems

5. Cultural systems, including human, as flow systesm

6. Social chemistry of cultural systems

7. Chemistry: general principles

8. Biochemistry of living systems

9. The living organism as a biological-biophysical system

10. Geophysical systems that support life

11. The physical universe

see: Iberall: How things work, work in progress

Homeokinetics: The Physics of Complex Systems - study group

This group of colleagues debate their own disciplines with each other in the context of a theoretical framework of systems science, with an emphasis on viable or self-organizing systems. They pay attention to physics, with its conservations of energy, mass, and momentum, to chemistry, with its making and breaking of bonds, and to general 'input-output' schemes. Emergence within each field is a topic that is currently being discussed.

Dr. Richard Baum ( Professor of Political Science, UCLA 310-825-1987

Dr. Frank L. Hassler ( Frank L. Hassler; 1 Gott St.; Rockport, MA 01966; telno. (978)546-7871 Former Director (retired), Office of Transport & Information Resources, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center 617-494-2563

Dr. Arthur S. Iberall ( Researcher, University of California at Irvine 714-768-1963

Dr. Rudolfo Llinás Professor of Physiology and Biophysics, New York University School of Medicine

Dr. William Mace ( Professor of Psychology, Trinity College 203-297-2343

Dr. Alexander Moore ( Professor of Anthropology, University of Southern California 213-740-0519 secty 213-977-0330

Dr. Harold Soodak ( Professor Emeritus of Physics, City College of New York 212-650-6887

Dr. Michael Turvey ( Professor of Psychology, Univesity of Connecticut 203-486-3906

Dr. Douglas White (drwhite [at] Professor of Anthropology, University of California at Irvine 714-824-5893 secty 824-5041 FAX 824-4717

Dr. David Wilkinson ( Professor of Political Science, UCLA 310-825-3450 FAX 310-825-0778


Arthur Iberall, 5070 Avenida del Sol, Laguna Hills CA 92653

Harry Soodak, Dept. Physics, CUNY, NY

Alexander Moore, Dept of Anthropology, Univ of So Calif., 502-154, Los Angeles, 90089-0032

David Wilkinson and Rick Baum, Dept. Pol. Sci, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024-1472

Doug White, Social Science, UCI Irvine, CA 92717

William Mace and Mike Turvey, Dept Psych , U Conn, Storrs, 06268

Geoff Gerstner (U Mich - ethologist), 4755 Bridgeway Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103 tels. 313-426-8617 313-763-3351

Frank Hassler, DOT, National Transportation Systems Centers, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA 02142-1903

Richard W. Day, Department of Economics, Univ of So California, Los Angeles, CA 90089. summer: Box 196, Deer Harbor, WA 98243

Rodolfo Llinas