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UCLA Meeting Place: Powell Library Rm 285 -
UCR Meeting places: Olmsted room A139 -
UCSD Meeting place: Galbraith Hall - Room 260, Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services (CLICS) facility -
UCI Meeting place: 120 Social Science Tower Mike Miller ITC (949) 824-7581
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Human Sciences and Complexity - colloquium - for credit on all four U.C. Campuses, fall, winter, spring
Videoconferences and Quarterly conference dates, 2005-2006

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UCI Course Number: Social Science 240A fall 2005, 240B W 2006, 240C Spring 2006 1.333 units each quarter (required of our grad students, open to other grads and to undergrads)

UCLA Course Numbers: Undergraduates -- Anthro 193-3; Graduates -- Anthro 294

UCR Course Number: POSC 293, one unit each quarter. In addition, and separately, Winter or/and Spring Quarter, we at UCR plan to offer a graduate level seminar which will consist half of presentations by local faculty on work of theirs that is relevant to the 4 Campus agenda and half of presentations by student participants on their dissertation work and/or plans. We anticipate that advanced graduate students who have already completed their data collection (on topics relevant to the agenda) will find the the feedback the seminar will provide helpful in developing their analysis of that data, and we anticipate that graduate students planning their research agendas and preparing for data collection will find a discussion of their issues and plans, including relevant theoretical approaches and methodologies, helpful to their planning.
Whether the seminar runs for one quarter or two will depend on the level of student and faculty interest evinced. We will, in due time, announce a course number and meeting room for this seminar. Anyone--faculty or student--who already knows she or he wants to participate (schedule permitting !!) should let David Kronenfeld or Kevin Esterling know (along with any relevant scheduling constraints).

UCSD Course Number: ANGR 298: Independent Study.

We meet at 1:30-3:00 on Fridays that alternate with the Marschak Colloquium, and one all-day session per quarter (the latter dates are still flexible)

Our 4 Fall Video Conferences and end-of-quarter conference:

Friday 1:30-3:00 - #1 Sept 30 Doug White "Civilizations as dynamic networks: Cities, hinterlands, populations, industries, trade and conflict" - preliminary report on an eBook and Plenary talk for the European Conference on Complex Systems Paris, 14-18 November 2005 - and: authorship, response and author response in the Structure and Dynamics eJournal

Friday 2:00-3:30 - #2 Oct 14 Chris Chase-Dunn "Rise, fall and upward sweeps: the emergence of a global state" Sweeps - and a report on successful Human Social Dynamics funding from the National Science Foundation (- see NSF proposal and project materials)

Friday 1:30-3:20 - #3 Oct 28 Dwight Read The Evolution of Cultural Kinship: A non-Darwinian Odyssey

Friday 1:30-3:20 - #4 Nov 4 (changed from Nov 18th) Darren Schreiber "Humans are by nature political animals: New evidence and arguments"

Saturday 10:30-2:30 - #5 Contact White, Algaze or Read to schedule a paper presentation

Dec 9 UCI Conference - Paper #A Guillermo Algaze "the Sumerian takeoff" (additional archaeological presentations to be volunteered or proposed:) invited participations by the Cotsen Institute and UCSD archaeology faculty

UCLA Marschak Colloquium schedule for 2005 - 2006 Fridays 2:30-4

Fall Quarter

October 7

October 21

November 4

November 18 (conflict unavoidable)

December 2


The Marschak Colloquium will meet in the Winter Quarter January 20, February 3 and 17, and March 3 and 17, in Spring Quarter it meets April 14 and 28, May 12 and 26, and June 9. The plan is again to meet on Fridays that alternate with the Marschak Colloquium

Our Winter 2006 Video Conferences

Fridays 1:30-3:00

6 Jan 13 Xiaoyi Jin and Du Haifeng - Xi'an Jiaotong University/Stanford Morrison Institute of Population and Resource Studies - "Rural-Urban Migration in China: Cultural Diffusion and Its Demographic and Social Implications."

8 Feb 10

9 Feb 24

10 Mar 10

11 Mar 24 UCI Conference?

UCLA Marschak Colloquium schedule for 2005 - 2006

Fridays 2:30-4

January 20

January 27

February 3

February 17

March 3

March 17


Spring Quarter the plan is to again to meet on Fridays that alternate with the Marschak Colloquium

Our Spring 2006 Video Conferences

Fridays 1:30-3:00

12 April 7

13 April 21

15 May 5

16 May 19

17 June 2 UCI Conference

UCLA Marschak Colloquium schedule for 2005 - 2006 Fridays 2:30-4

Fall Quarter

April 14

April 28

May 12

May 26

June 9


Lead academic coordinator for the event is Dr. Doug White-DRWHITE -at- UCI.EDU