Colloquium for the Human Sciences and Complexity academic and research program involving faculty and graduate student presentations from UC campuses and outside speakers from Santa Fe Institute and other universities and research institutes.


Videoconferences and Quarterly conference dates, 2005-2006: meetings for fall, winter, spring

UCI Course Number Fall 2005: Social Science 240A. 1.33 credits UCI meetingplace Fridays: Videoconference center 122 Social Science Tower, run by Mike Miller ITC (949) 824-7581
UCI Course Number Winter 2006: Social Science 240B. 1.33 credits
UCI Course Number Spring 2006: Social Science 240C. 1.33 credits

UCLA Course Number: Anthro 193: Journal Clus Seminar (Undergraduate) and
Anthro 294: Human Complex Systems Forum (Graduate) Dwight Read, Organizer
UCR Course Number: TBA (Kronenfeld arranging through Poli Sci)
UCSD Course Number: TBA (Algaze or Paul Goldstone possibly arranging)
We meet at 1:30-3:00 on Fridays that alternate with the Marschak Colloquium, and we have one all-day saturday session per quarter
Our Fall Video Conferences:
Four Fridays 1:30-3:00 and Sat Dec 9 10:00-3:00 conference at UCI room TBA
1 Sept 30" - Doug White will give a combined presentation of two new papers, under the title
"Networks, Hierarchy and Complexity" or "Network Simulations and Historical Dynamics: Tsallis Q entropy models under multiplicative Nonindependence (as found in network processes)"
One paper deals with simulating network feedback processes, for a study in ring cohesion theory.
The second study presents a new set of scaling laws and dynamics for urban population and city hierarchies.
The papers utilize the same modeling methods.
Coauthors include Natasa Kejzar, Constantino Tsallis, Doyne Farmer and Scott White

Friday 2:00-3:30 - #2 Oct 14 Chris Chase-Dunn "Rise, fall and upward sweeps: the emergence of a global state" - and a report on successful Human Social Dynamics funding from the National Science Foundation (- see NSF proposal and project materials)

Friday 1:30-3:20 - #3 Oct 28 Dwight Read "The Evolution of Cultural Kinship: A non-Darwinian Odyssey"

Friday 1:30-3:20 - #4 Nov 4 (changed from the 18th) Darren Schreiber "Humans are by nature political animals: New evidence and arguments"

5 Dec 9 UCI Conference begins at 10:00

Winter - TBA: we need volunteers or nominations - see main videoconference page for schedule