People, Change and Development: Cultural Dynamics, Networks, Longitudinal, Demographic, Migration Studies site under construction

  • Linkages Longitudinal Fieldsites press for interactive map


  • Participating in Development: Approaches to Indigenous Knowledge (ASA Conference 2000)

    On-Line Ethnography and Ethnography Syllabi on the Web

  • Turkish Peasants, Yanomamo, Ancient Hebrews, Akan, Dani, from B. Schwimmer's Tutorial
  • Indian North America class, D. White

    Tools for Ethnographic Genealogy

  • Doug White's software for kinship network analysis with exports to pajek and UCInet.

    Sustainability, Development and Survival

  • Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Harvard's Cultural Survival
  • some Development Anthropology writings and suggestions from Paul Ballonoff
  • Global Sustainability: UCI On-line Courses
  • SustainAbility, UK
  • Local Sustainability, Europe
  • Sustainable Development, U.S.A.
  • Sustainable Economic and Environmental Knowledge
  • Population and Sustainability
  • Sustainability Web Ring
  • Environmental Law Web Ring
  • EcoRing Hispanico
  • Sustainability,
  • Doug White's Transnational Development and Social Change class

    Social Networks

  • UC Irvine Graduate Program in Social Networks
  • Links to Social Networks web sites
  • Computer Programs for Social Network Analysis
  • Frank Harary's Graph Theory and Structural Models in the Social Sciences Class
  • Illustrative Tlaxcalan Compadrazgo

    Social Organization

  • Brian Schwimmer's kinship tutorial
  • Doug White's Kinship and Social Organization class
  • Kinship Terminology from Archnet WWW Virtual Anthropology Library
  • Social Anthropology UCONN Virtual Syllabus
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