Streaming videos on-demand are available for each talk at the www site along with the pdf powerpoint of the talk

Carl P. Simon]], Director, CSCS, Michigan [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Simon Simplicity in Complexity: Complex Systems Approaches Across Disciplines] CUT AND PASTE TO YOUR BROSWER  rtsp://media.nacs.uci.edu:554/ITC/SocialScience/White/2007_05_25_ASC.rm?start=5:55

Mark S. Handcock Director, Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, U. Washington CUT and PASTE rtsp://media.nacs.uci.edu:554/ITC/SocialScience/White/2008_02_22_ASC.rm

Michalis Faloutsos, UC Riverside, Computer Science [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Faloutsos The Internet Is Like A Jellyfish]

Halbert White, UCSD Economics [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Hal_White A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects] see Causality

Padhraic Smyth , UCI Computer Science [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Smyth Automated Analysis of Relations between Words, Entities, Topics, and Documents using Statistical Topic Models] Padhraic_Smyth#Statistical_topic_models|Text Analysis

Dario Nardi Founding member, Human Complex Systems Program [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Nardi The Multiple Models Approach: Burning Man as a Case Study for the Synergistic Use of Memes Theory, Cultural Theory, and Multi-Agent Mapping]

Natasa Przulj, UCI, Bren Information and Computer Science[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Przulj Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: Issues, Models, and Comparisons]

Arthur Griffin, Cotsen Institute, and Charles Stanish, Director, Cotsen Institute [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Stanish A simulation model of Lake Titicaca Basin settlement patterns circa 2500 BC - AD 1000]

Douglas R. White, UCI, Chair, Social Dynamics and Complexity, IMBS [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#White1 Civilizations as dynamic networks: Cities, hinterlands, populations, industries, trade and conflict]

B Larry Li, UCR, Ecology [http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#LarryLi Ecological Complexity and Sustainability]

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Hutchins Material anchors for conceptual blends] Wikipedia:Edwin Hutchins]], UCSD, Cognitive Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Arthur The Evolution of Technology within a Simple Computer Model], Wikipedia:W. Brian Arthur]], Santa Fe Institute

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Flack The Role of Robustness Mechanisms in the Evolution of Social Complexity], Jessica Flack, Santa Fe Institute

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Schreiber Humans are by nature political animals: New evidence and arguments], Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Wallace Molecular Anthropology: Application of Analysis of Mitochondrial Variation toward Understanding the Origins of Humans and Their Culture], Doug Wallace, UCI, Director, MAMMAG

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Schreiber2 The Emergence of Parties: An Agent-Based Simulation], Darren Schreiber, UCSD Political Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Kuper Endogamy, adultery and homosexuality: an ethnographic perspective on the Bloomsbury Group], Wikipedia:Adam Kuper|Wikipedia:]] Adam Kuper]], UC London, Anthropology

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Gourevitch Explaining Corporate Governance Systems], Wikipedia:Peter Gourevitch]], UCSD Political Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Fowler Supreme Court Networks of Precedents], Wikipedia:James Fowler]], UCSD Political Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Ensminger The Co-Evolution of Pro-Social Norms and the Market], Jean Ensminger, Cal Tech, Anthropology

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Brantingham Simulating the foraging behavior of criminals] see Simulation]], Jeff Brantingham, UCLA Anthropology

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Jameson Evolutionary Models of Color Categorization Based on Discrimination], Kim Jameson et al., UCI Color Lab

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Pearl COMMENTS ON WHITE'S "A Unified Framework for Defining and Identifying Causal Effects"] see Causality]], Wikipedia:Judea Pearl]], UCLA Computer Science

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Kleiman The Dynamics of Deterrence] Wikipedia:Mark A. R. Kleiman]], Public Policy, UCLA School of Public Affairs

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Diamond Variation in Human Cultural Practices] Wikipedia:Jared Diamond]], UCLA, Geography

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Read The Evolution of Cultural Kinship: A non-Darwinian Odyssey] Dwight Read, UCLA, Anthropology, Co-Director, Human Complex Systems

[http://eclectic.ss.uci.edu/~drwhite/center/cac.html#Agar Organizational Complexity, Linguistic Anthropology, and Narrative] Michael Agar, Ethknoworks LLC

Invited speaker: Wikipedia:Bonnie Nardi]]

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