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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Ethnography, Cultural Spaces, Archaeology, Earth Systems site under construction

Campus Representative: Tony Soeller

Instructions for cross-cultural GIS analysis Cities database (rite click to download here) for use with Pajek
The IROWS (Chris Chase-Dunn, Alexis Alvarez, Dan Pasciuti, Thomas D. Hall) Cities and Empires database
World cultures dbase files for use with GIS:
web files-uci Our licences for GIS software for the PC put high quality mapping at the disposal of researchers on human populations

ArcGIS Manuals available on campus by download as pdfs

MapMaker (faculty: White)
ESRI Geographic Information Systems and Mapping Software (faculty expertise: White, Alao)
Maptitude (faculty expertise: Caldeira, White)
Manifold Geographic Information Systems adds database information and analytics to mapping displays. Manifold System costs less and claims to deliver more than older GIS products from ESRI or MapInfo.
Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change Indiana University
CensusCD+Maps (.com)
Courses and Labs in GIS at UCI
Department of Earth System Science, UCI

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