Complexity: Network Dynamics, Adaptive Agents, and Theory of Games (winter 2000)
Doug White, Brian Skyrms and Louis Narens
Course Code 60532 Anthro 289 B Spec Topics
Course Code 66885 Psych 274 Spec Topics
Course Code 69620 SocNwks 249 A Spec Topics
Wed 3-5:50 SSPB 2209 Electronic Educational Environment

see also readings at Doug's course on self-organizing systems, its list of links on social dynamics, and doug's Thermodynamic Principles for the Social Sciences

Texts and Authors

At bookstore:
Individual Strategy and Social Structure : An Evolutionary Theory of Institutions, by H. Peyton Young (Brookings Institute), Peyton H. Young Amazon Price: $37.50

Order these 2 from web links take you there directly
0521555833_m.gif (12707 bytes) Would-Be Worlds: How Simulation Is Changing the Frontiers of Science, by John L. Casti

0521555833_m.gif (12707 bytes) Evolution of the Social Contract by Brian Skyrms $16.96+ Cambridge 1996.
Bill Harms has a simulator for the dynamics of some of the games in Evolution of the Social Contract: see also Harm's et al. Evolving Artificial Moral Ecologies and its contents page, at the E.A.M.E. site

(possibly: optional)

Networks in Action: Communication, Economics and Human Knowledge, by David Batten, John Casti, Roland Thord (Editor)

Cooperation and Conflict in General Evolutionary Processes, by John L. Casti (Editor), Anders Karlqvist (Editor)

Phase transitions

Doug Hill's paper on Medieval Champaigne fairs

Complex Systems

David Green's Complex Systems Virtual Library Yahoo's

Complex Systems pages

Complexity: applications some web links

Emergence and Explanation

Agent Simulation/artifical life

Chris Langdon

Agent Simulation

Brief Overview of Swarm Agent Simulation

Agent-Based Computational Economics

Adaptive Agent Simulation SANTA FE INSTITUTE

Yahoo's Artificial Life pages

ALife home page

Village simulation

Other Simulation

Croatian Society for Computer Simulation Modelling

Computer Simulation of Societies

Game Theory

Roger A. McCain Strategy and Conflict: An Introductory Sketch of Game Theory

some notes and references

Complexification: Explaining a Paradoxical World Through the Science of Surprise, by John L. Casti

The Logics of Social Structure by Kyriakos M. Kontopolous $52.95+

Computer Simulation: The Art and Science of Digital World Construction, by Paul A. Fishwick


review by Gert Korthof Kauffman At Home in the Universe.The secret of life is auto-catalysis