bullet Sarah Rogers (1) was born on 4 May 1677 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. She died on 19 Jan 1770 in Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. Parents: John Rogers and Elizabeth Pabodie .

She was married to Nathaniel Searle in 1694 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. Children were: Nathaniel Searle .

bullet Stanley Rogers(2) was born in 1874. Parents: William Clayton Rogers and Huldah M. Baker.

bullet William Rogers(2) was born on 19 Feb 1805 in Ardleigh, Essex England. He was educated between 1816 and 1818 in "Free Boys on the Foundation", Dedham Grammer School, Dedham, Essex. He died on 8 Oct 1880 in Cleveland OH. He was buried in Woodland Cemetary, Woodland Ave. & 71st St.: Sec. 21, Lot 42.. He was christened in At Great Meeting Friar St. Independent Chapel, Sudbury, Suffolk Cty.. The wooden model ships on the mantle at Madeline Island are supposedly from wood of one of the ships Admiral Nelson sailed on. John Wilson was a Captain in the Royal Navy, supposedly serving under Admiral Nelson. His service was so outstanding that he was offered a knighthood but declined the honor since he had no male heirs to inherit the title, only 3 (4?) daughters. (More information on John Wilson can be found in the notes under his name).

After the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, peace prevailed. However, in England poor harvests and a decline in exports produced poverty and unemployment. In 1825, the first of the cyclical crisis and depressioms occurred which upset commerce and industry every 9 years or so throughout the 19th century. In the summer of 1830, the last of the agrarian risings: laborers in the sothern and eastern districts had grievances due to low wages, winter unemployment and the introduction of thrashing machines. Rioting and burning but no killings. Nine were hanged, 450 were transported to Australia and 400 imprisoned. In the early 1830s, laws wre passed to allow some male householders to vote as well as leaseholders; parliamentary reforms slowly gave wider representation in the House of Commons.

In the obituary of his son, William Clayton Rogers, in 1911, it mentions that William Sr. was a pioneer of Cleveland and laid out and donated Clinton Park to Cleveland.

Much of the following information was obtained at the Historical Soceity Library, Case-Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH.

The 1850 census reports them in Cuyago County: William as a 40 year-old farmer and Harriet 11 years younger; Montague (12) and Frederick (12) as well as Wm. Clayton (10), Emily (5), Clarence (2), all born in England, a 2 month-old female born in Ohio and Thomas (20) born in England are also mentioned. The age is probably wrong for Harriet just as it is for William.

The 1857-58 City Directory lists Harriet as a dressmsker living near Main & Elm on the west side of Cleveland.

The 1860 census lists William as a gardener in Newburgh Township owning $1000 in real estate and $300 other property. Harriet is now listed as 5 years younger than William which puts her birth year closer to 1810 than 1815. Interestingly, Montague and Frederick are listed in both their parents' household on July 9, 1860 and also in Rachael Rogers' (40) household, in the 2nd Ward (southeast of downtown), on July 20, 1860; with Rachael are Robert (20), Isaac (18), Wm (15), and John (13) all born in Ohio just as Rachael was. The twins' occupation is listed as sewing machine operators...this, of course, foretells their moving to Hamilton, Ontario, to start the Rogers Brothers Sewing Machine Company about 1861.

The 1862 City Directory lists William as a landscape gardener at Hemlock Park, Cedar Avenue, and Harriet as a teacher living on Cedar Ave.

The Directories for 1863-1875 listed various Wm Rogers with a variety of occupations such as brewer, carpenter, brakeman and clerk, but I couln't find any other familiar names at their addresses. In 1871-72, a Mrs. Harriet Rogers is listed as a boarder at 10 Union but no one else familiar.

The 1880 Directory shows Wm at 2348 Brecksvill Rd/ which is the address given on his death certificate, but he is not in the 1880 census...at least the two Wm H. Rogers do not seem to be nor is a Harriet in the census.

The 1882 through 1887 directories have Mrs. H.M. Rogers at 2217 Broadway and the 1889-90 lists Mrs. Harriet M. Rogers, widow of William, residing at 1162 Giddings with no other Rogers mentioned. No mention of her in the 1890-91 directory. However, a necrology file stated Harriet M. Rogers died Jan. 29, 1891 at age 80 o 81 at Chattanoga TN and was buried there from her daughter's residence. A copy of a death record from Hamilton Cty. (Chattanoga) shows Hannah M. Rogers, age 78, born in London, died on 1/29/91 of bronchitis and is buried in Forest Hills Cemetary in Chattanoga. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

He Single on 10 Dec 1831 in St. Giles Parish, Camberwell, Surrey, England. Children were: Frederick Rogers, Montague Rogers, William Clayton Rogers, Alicye Rogers, Florence Rogers, Amy Rogers, Eveline Rogers.

bullet William Rogers(2) was born on 3 Oct 1773. Parents: .

bullet William Clayton Rogers(2) was born in 1840 in Dorking England. He died on 17 Jul 1911 in Cleveland OH. He was educated in Oberlin College. He was a in Attorney. His will left two-thirds of the estate to Ada Cook and one-third to Isabel Burton Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson.

He Single on 9 Sep 1865 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Children were: Isabel Rogers, Stanley Rogers, Ada Rogers.

He was married to Maud B. Davis about 1898. Children were: Hal Davis.

bullet Sally (2)

Children were: Emily Roach.

bulletNathaniel Sanborn(2).

bulletPhilander C. Sanborn(2).

bulletElizabeth Savage(2).

bulletMartha Savage(2).

bulletBarbara Schlytter(2) was born about 1940. Barbara's married name is Barbara Bonde. Her last known address is:
5700 Cabot Drive, Oakland CA 94611 Parents: Harold Schlytter and Ruth Olson.

bullet Harold Schlytter(2)

Children were: Barbara Schlytter.

bulletMartha Scott(2).

She was married to Halbert Mighell on 14 Jun 1917. Children were: Carolyn Mighell, Scott , M.D. Mighell, John Mighell.

bullet Hannah Scoville(2)

bulletAbigail Searle(1) was born between 27 Jul 1779 and Jan . Mayflower Descendent She died on 2 Jun 1842. Parents: William Searle and Philura Frink.

She was married to Stephen Abbott about 1800. Children were: Stephen Fuller Abbott.

bullet Constant Searle(1) was born on 17 Jun 1728 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. Died in the Wyoming Massacre of Revolutionary Army by the British
http://home.ptd.net/~revwar/massacre.html He died on 3 Jul 1778 in Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County, PA. Parents: Nathaniel Searle and Elizabeth Kinnecutt.

He was married to Hannah Miner on 16 May 1751 in Stonington, CT. Children were: William Searle.

bullet Nathaniel Searle(1) was born on 26 Apr 1703 in Little Compton, Newport, RI. He was an Asst. Governor of Rhode Island 1757-1762, town clerk for 20 years between 1757 and 1762 in Rhode Island. He died on 8 Dec 1781 in Little Compton, RI. Parents: Nathaniel Searle and Sarah Rogers.

He was married to Elizabeth Kinnecutt in Dec 1725 in Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. Children were: Constant Searle.

bullet Nathaniel Searle(1) was born on 9 Jun 1662 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. He died on 5 Feb 1750 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI.

He was married to Sarah Rogers in 1694 in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA. Children were: Nathaniel Searle.

bullet William Searle(1) was born on 2 Dec 1751 in Stonington, New London, CT. He died on 17 Jan 1817 in Pittston, PA. Parents: Constant Searle and Hannah Miner .

He was married to Philura Frink on 17 Oct 1773 in Stonington, CT. Children were: Abigail Searle.

bullet Helen Beth Severance(2) Parents: R. H. Severance.

She was married to Donald White on 12 Sep 1941 in Great Falls MT. Children were: Margaret White, Eleanor White, Catherine White.

bullet R. H. Severance(2)

Children were: Helen Beth Severance.

bulletLida Sheldon(2).

bulletDeborah Shepard(2) died on 8 Feb 1720/21.

She was married to Jacob White on 4 Feb 1691/92 in Middleton. Children were: Thomas White, Eliz. White, Deborah White, Rebecca White, Jacob White, Hannah White, Samuel White, Rebecca White, Samuel White, John White.

bullet Anna Sibley(2)

Children were: Margaret White.

bulletJohn Smith(2).

bulletRuth Sowers(2).

She was married to H.Lynn White in 1939 in Kansas City MO. Children were: Lyndabeth White.

bullet Alfred Spear(2)

Children were: Vivian Spear.

bulletVivian Spear(2). Parents: Alfred Spear.

She was married to Halbert White on 28 Aug 1943 in Ithica NY. Children were: Neil II White, David White, Patricia White, Stephen White.

bullet Barbara Stearns(2) was born on 14 Jul 1952 in Chicago IL. Parents: Phillips Thomson Stearns and Helen Marie McCarty.

She was married to B. Davidson Maxwell in Jan 1984.

bullet James Stearns(2) was born on 20 May 1955. Parents: Phillips Thomson Stearns and Helen Marie McCarty.

bullet Katerine Stearns(2) was born on 11 Sep 1958. Parents: Phillips Thomson Stearns and Helen Marie McCarty.

bullet Phillips Stearns(2) was born on 14 Feb 1951 in Chicago IL. Parents: Phillips Thomson Stearns and Helen Marie McCarty.

Children were: Simon Stearns, William Stearns.

bulletPhillips Thomson Stearns(2).

He was married to Helen Marie McCarty on 11 Feb 1950. Children were: Phillips Stearns, Barbara Stearns , James Stearns, Stephen Stearns , Katerine Stearns.

bullet Simon Stearns(2) Parents: Phillips Stearns and Jennifer Bragg.

bullet Stephen Stearns(2) was born on 27 May 1957. Parents: Phillips Thomson Stearns and Helen Marie McCarty.

bullet William Stearns(2) Parents: Phillips Stearns and Jennifer Bragg.

bullet Albert Stine(2) died in Jul 1960.

He was married to Carol White in 1937.

bullet Catherine Morris Whitridge Stinson(2)

She was married to Asher Miner Abbott M.D. White in 1965 in Baltimore MD.

bullet F. Paul Stone(2) was born on 27 Jan 1905. He died on 20 Dec 1989.

Children were: Peter Barrett .

bulletConstance Surdock(2).

bulletStephen Taylor(2).

bulletLyman Thompson(2).

He was married to Mary Grace White in Aug 1929 in Minneapolis MN. He Marriage Annuled about 1933.

bullet Rachel Tilden(2)

bulletCarol Underwood(2) was born on 25 Sep 1945 in Washington DC. Parents: Dale Underwood and Harriette White.

bullet Dale Underwood(2)

He was married to Harriette White on 25 Oct 1940. Children were: Carol Underwood, Julia Underwood.

bullet Julia Underwood(2) was born on 16 Dec 1949 in New Haven CT. Parents: Dale Underwood and Harriette White.

bullet unknown (2) was born in 1931 in stillborn. Baby was stillborn. Parents: German Farm Worker-Name Unknown and Ruth Olson.

bullet German Farm Worker-Name Unknown(2) Betty's father was of German descent and worked on a threshing crew in the Murdock MN area where he met Betty's mother, Ruth Olson; nothing more is known of him.

Children were: unknown.

bulletMary Jane Unknown(2).

Children were: Beryl Janice Allen.

bulletRobert Vogel(2).

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