bulletRuth Olson (2) was born in 1908. She graduated about 1926 in Murdock MN. She died about 1976 in Oakland CA. Ruth's father, Nels Olson, was born in 1848 of Swedish descent and Lutheran faith. He was a big man, well liked by people we (Betty & I) spoke with in November 1987 when we visited Murdock MN. He had a wooden leg which he lost either due to TB or a railroad accident. He moved to Murdock after his wife, Annie, died and hired girls from Annie's family, the Eckwalls, to care for Ruth. He delivered the mail in a cut down Model T Ford and in the winter, with his eyes real big, which scared the boys, tell them the reason his leg was so hard was because it was frozen. He carried an extra mail box which he left as a loaner if someone's box had been tipped over. He lived in Murdock across the RR tracks from the post office and helped wire the Catholic Church and dug a well for the cemetery.

Ruth's mother, Annie Eckwall, was one of 10 or 11 children of Ben Eckwall by 2 wives. The oldest, Charles Gustav, came from Sweden in 1882 at age 1 and was the father of Bea Holtz, whom we met with in Jan. 1988 at her home, 483 W. Wheelock Pkwy, St Paul 55117, 489-6065. Bea has a sister, Lila (Mrs. Loren) Schrepel, Lakeville MN 55044 (I wrote in March 1999 but the letter was returned) and 2 sons: David, born 1933, owned a deli in Virginia MN (no longer in Virginia; wrote to him in Mt. Iron 55768, but not there, either) & Tom, a teacher in North St Paul. Bea taught school at SPA for 28 years before retiring. Ben's other children included Edwin, Alfred, Hulda (Mrs Lloyd Wallin...he came from Olivia MN), Ida, Annie and the youngest, Hannah. Annie died in her mid-20s from tuberculosis when Ruth was a preschooler.

Ruth was born in 1908. After her mother died, she lived with Nels' sister and her husband, Andrew Johnson, in Litchfield until age 14 when she lived with Bea's family for a year in Willmer before returning to live with Nels in Murdock. She was above average intelligence and graduated from Murdock HS in 1926 or 1927. She then moved to Willmer where she took a course in cosmetology and, according to Bea, "got into trouble". She worked in a beauty shop in Lakeland, earned a manager's license and eventually opened her own shop in Willmer until 1933 when she had to close it due to financial problems (this was the worst part of the Depression). She is described as dark haired, a jolly person and somewhat plump. Ruth said she felt she was the "black sheep" of the family but Bea and others never felt that way.

After Betty was born, Ruth lived with Bea for a while, apparently in St Paul. She soon married Harold Schlytter, a very nice man who everyone liked. Ruth and Bea, with their husbands, had dinner together often. Ruth and Harold had a house near Como & Hamlin in St Paul before moving to Oakland CA. She died about 1976.

We spoke with Bud Johnson, a Murdock resident, who knows Bea Holtz and said that after we were there in November 1987 there was a lot of interest. We also spoke with Jim & Ann Walsh, Box 98, Murdock 56271 who brought us to visit with Esther Kelly.

Harold & Ruth Schlytter, 4480 Montgomery St., Oakland CA 94611
Mrs. Barbara Bonde (Betty's half-sister), 5700 Cabot Drive, Oakland CA 94611
Leona (Mrs Richard) Carr (one of Hulda's girls), 6849 Airosa Ave., San Diego CA 92120-5301
Jan ? ( Bea's and Ruth's cousin), 711 N. Roosevelt, Oconomowoc WI 53066

Children were: unknown.

Children were: Barbara Schlytter.

bulletSarah Osborn(2).

bulletFranklin Oulton(2).

Children were: Nancy Oulton.

bulletNancy Oulton(2). Parents: Franklin Oulton.

She was married to Neil K. White on 1 Jan 1950 in Sacramento CA. Children were: Catherine White, Thomas White, Daniel White.

bullet Elizabeth Pabodie(1) was born on 24 Apr 1647 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. She died about 1678 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Parents: William Pabodie and Elizabeth Alden.

She was married to John Rogers about Nov 1666 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Children were: Sarah Rogers .

bullet William Pabodie(1)

He was married to Elizabeth Alden on 26 Dec 1644 in Duxbury MA. Children were: Elizabeth Pabodie.

bullet Unk Parish(2)

bulletCaroline Pattee(2).

bulletDorcas Phillips(2) was born on 18 Feb 1776 in Harwich, Essex, England. Parents: John Phillips and Dorcas.

She was married to Isaac Rogers on 17 Nov 1794 in Ardleigh, Essex, England. Children were: William Rogers, Isaac Rogers , Ann Rogers, John Rogers , George Rogers, Mary Rogers , Elizabeth Rogers, Harriot Rogers , Henry Rogers, Robert Rogers , Charlotte Rogers.

bullet John Phillips(2) was a in Baker.

Children were: Dorcas Phillips.

bulletWillet Ranny(2).

bulletFrank Edwin Rice(2).

Children were: Frank Edwin Rice Jr..

bulletRichard (2) was born on 5 Sep 1937. Parents: Frank Edwin Rice Jr. and Eleanor White.

bullet Agnes Richards

Children were: Richard White.

bulletMargaret Wirt Richie(2) died in 1962.

She was married to Asher Miner Abbott M.D. White on 14 Dec 1929 in Minneapolis MN. Children were: Margot McQuesten White, Asher Abbott , M.D. White, Douglas Richie White.

bullet Cornelius Roach(2)

Children were: Emily Roach.

bulletEmily Roach(2). Parents: Cornelius Roach and Sally.

She was married to H.Lynn White about 1948. Children were: Halbert Lynn II White, E.Celeste White, Catherine Ann White.

bullet Ada Rogers(2) was born in 1878. Parents: William Clayton Rogers and Huldah M. Baker.

bulletAlicye Rogers(2) was born in 1846. Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson .

bullet Amy Rogers(2) was born in 1851. Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson .

bullet Amy Jo Rogers(2) was born on 4 Jul 1962 in Minneapolis MN. She was educated in Attended Northrup; 1981 grad. @@ Wayzata. She was educated in U. of MN 3 Yrs; not graduate. Parents: James Herbert Rogers and Barbara Jo Cashin.

She was married to James Mills Laing on 27 Dec 1986 in LaPointe WI. She was divorced from James Mills Laing on 19 Dec 1998 in Friendly. She was divorced from James Mills Laing.

bullet Ann Rogers(2) was born on 20 Jan 1797. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Charlotte Rogers(2) was born on 11 Nov 1810. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Elizabeth Rogers(2) was born on 2 May 1802. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Elizabeth Rogers(2) was born on 21 Apr 1776. Parents: .

bullet Elizabeth Beryl Rogers(2) was born on 21 Sep 1960 in Minneapolis MN. She was educated in 4Yrs @@ U. of Colo. (not graduate). She was educated in Northrup (attended); Grad. Hopkins Lindberg H.S.. Parents: James Herbert Rogers and Barbara Jo Cashin.

She was married to Lawrence Woodard Howell on 20 Sep 1986 in Minneapolis MN. She was divorced from Lawrence Woodard Howell in Apr 1999. She was divorced from Lawrence Woodard Howell. Children were: Asher James Howell, Alexander Edward Howell.

bullet Eveline Rogers(2) was born in 1853. Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson .

bullet Florence Rogers(2) was born in 1848. Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson .

bullet Frederick Rogers(2) was born on 28 Mar 1838 in Dorking England. He died on 27 Oct 1896 in Minneapolis MN. He was buried in Lakewood, Mpls. He was a in Lawyer. Frederick and his twin bother, Montague, are listed twice in the 1860 census: once with their parents and siblings and also with Rachael Rogers (probably married to one of William's brothers) a couple of weeks later. They worked as sewing machine operators and, perhaps stimulated by the call to fight for the North in the Civil War, decided instead to move to Hamilton, Ontario, in late 1860 or early 1861. In any event, they started their own business, ROGERS BROTHERS, a manufacturer of sewing machines. They took a full page advertisement in the 1862-1863 Hamilton City Directory (see scrapbook) extolling the virtues of their machines. They lived at Simcoe and McNab which is very close to the factory at Simcoe and James. The business was not listed in the 1865-1866 directory.

Fred and Harriet had their picture taken by W.A. Davis, a photographer located at the northeast corner of Hughson and King Streets in the center of downtown Hamilton. However, no record of their marriage is found in the counties around Hamilton, Toronto and Buffalo. They moved to the Wheeling, W. Va. area around the end of the War.

The 1870 census lists Frederick (32), Hattie (24) and Herbert (3) in Moundsville Ohio where he was a vine dresser with $3000 in (leased) real estate value and $100 personal property (that area grew grapes for wine at that time). They lived some 10 miles north of Moundsville on Boggs Run Road which is much closer to Wheeling than to Moundsville. Boggs Run Road even today (1998) is a narrow, steep and winding road descending 1500 to 2000 feet alongside a narrow stream in a deep valley from a plateau south towards the Ohio River and Wheeling in the Union District of Marshall County, W. Va. Fred "read" for the law while he worked, perhaps with the firm of Caldwell & Boyd in Wheeling, since Fred and S.W. Boyd, a teacher, went into practice together in Wheeling in the early 1870s. They moved to 2910 Eoff, Wheeling, in order to be closer to the office.

In June, 1876, the family, including the two boys, Herbert A. and Frederick Jr., arrived in Minneapolis. They lived in an apartment at 1510-4th Ave. So. and Fred went into practice of law with B.W. Smith at 201 Nicollet. The practice prospered: in 1879 he moved to 209 Nicollet and in 1885 to 248 Nicollet. Meanwhile, the residence changed several times but never more than a block or two from the original home, finally settling at 1504 Clinton Ave So. (most of the sites are now parking lots around the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Herbert A., known as "Bert", started as a messenger at the Security Bank at the corner of 3rd Street and Hennepin, just a block from his father's office, in 1885 at age 19. Within a year he was promoted to clerk. For more on Bert, see the notes under his name.

Fred died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1896. His widow, Harriet, continued to live with her son and daughter-in-law for most of the remaining years of her life, although from about 1902 to 1909, she lived with her Canadian relatives which lived in Toronto or Montreal and otherwise visited them regularly. I recall meeting a girl about my own age who visited us at Madeline in the late 1940s and who was "a cousin from Canada". Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson.

Children were: Herbert Alexander Rogers, Fredrick Rogers.

bulletFredrick Rogers(2) was born on 25 Mar 1873. He died about 1885. Parents: Frederick Rogers and Harriet Ayers Watts.

bullet George Rogers(2) was born on 29 May 1799. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Grace A. Rogers(2) was born on 24 Jan 1894. She died on 5 Jan 1898 in typhoid fever. She was buried in Lakewood, Mpls. Parents: Herbert Alexander Rogers and Jane A. Crowley.

bullet Harriot Rogers(2) was born on 19 Jun 1803. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Henry Rogers(2) was born on 23 Jul 1806. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Herbert Alexander Rogers(2) was born on 16 Dec 1866 in Wheeling West Virginia. He died on 29 May 1930 in Highland Park Golf Course, St Paul MN. He was buried in Lakewood Cemetary, Minneapolis. About the time Bert was promoted to clerk at Security Bank, Daniel Crowley's widow, Grace Glispin Crowley, moved to Minneapolis with her son, Jerome, and her daughters Ellen ("Nellie"), Jane ("Jennie"), and Grace. They took rooms at a residential hotel at 1027 Hennepin Avenue next door to the Public Library. She had Crowley and Glispin relatives living in the Twin Cities...her younger brother, James Glispin, was the sheriff in Northfield MN when the James Gang raided the bank in 1876 (he died in Spokane WA in November 1890). Grace moved to Spokane in 1890 and died there on 9/3/92.

Jerome lived with his mother for a short time and worked as a druggist. Jennie went to work as a bookkeeper in 1888 for Edgar S. Coffin, owner of Coffin's Box & Lumber Co. in the Box Factory Power Building on Nicollet Island. She took the streetcar along Hennepin in order to get to work; this took her past the bank where Bert Rogers worked and she probably met him while doing her banking.

When their mother moved to Spokane, the 3 girls moved to 630 E. 14th Street. After Bert and Jennie married in 1892, they lived with his parents at 1504 Clinton Ave. So. Their first child, Grace, was born 1/24/94 but died of typhoid fever on 1/5/98, just 14 months after Fred died. Nellie moved in with her sister and brother-in-law in late 1896 but kept her bookkeeping business going at 630 E. 14th St. Grace Crowley moved to Chicago to live with another sister, Mary Crowley McCarty, at this time.

Jennie worked as a cook and domestic at 829 Hennepin. During 1897-1899, the family moved several times: to Flat "P" in the Swinford Apartment Bldg at 1225 Hawthorne; another apartment at 18 N. 13th St.; 1700 Hawthorne; and Flat "I", 732 E. 16th St.

Shortly after Herbert W. was born on 12/2/01, they moved to Dell Rapids, S.D., presumably so Bert could work at a bank there. However, within a year they returned so he could work as a salesman at Northwestern Foundry, 312-10th Ave. So. His mentor was the same Edgar Coffin for whom Jennie worked before her marriage...Coffin was vice-president of the foundry. Their new home was 2749 Hennepin.

In 1905, Nellie moved in with the Rogers and the next year, Bert was promoted to Treasurer of the foundry. In 1907, they all moved to Flat "I", 615-5th Ave. S.E. and two years later Bert's mother returned from Canada to live with them.

Mr Coffin was one of the owners of the Andrews Hotel, on the southwest corner of 4th Street and Hennepin, so he brought Bert over to work as auditor. He became assistant manager in 1912 and manager in 1917. The extended family moved to Flat "L", 723 S.E. 7th Street in 1913; Harriet died there in 1919 and they remained there until Bert's accidental death 5/29/30 when he fell against his golf club at Highland Park Golf Course, St. Paul. He had been made Manager of the Frederic Hotel in St. Paul just 5 months earlier.

The family escaped the heat and hay fever of Minneapolis starting in about 1915 by spending part of the summers at Madeline Island. There are numerous pictures of Herbert W "Jack" Rogers with other young people, notably Betty Hull. One picture in particular shows Jack, Betty Hull and another friend standing on the steps of The Mission holding silver cups as winners of the 1917 Boys and Girls Tennis Matches...the picture and the cup are above the telephone at Mereshack.

After Bert's death, Jennie and Nellie, or "Nana" and "Titi" as I named them, took an efficiency apartment on the 6th floor rear of the Oak Grove Hotel on Oak Grove Street in Minneapolis. Marcella Brown Nord, who with her older sister, Mary worked for my parents during the late 1930's for $2 per week plus room and board, recalls Titi saying that the biggest mistake in her life was not marrying a man she loved because he was not a Catholic. Taking a Sunday afternoon drive in the country was part of Americana and Nana loved to drive...fast. She had Packards, a luxury car of its era, the last one being a grey 1939 model. While my parents built their dream home in Maplewoods in 1940, I lived with Nana and Titi, Jimmy with Baga and Mom and Dad with Asher and Marg White. I had to sleep in the same hide-away bed as they did and I had the habit of wiggling my legs before I could sleep...this drove them nuts and their efforts to break me of the habit was a constant yet friendly battle. Nana had to drive me the 12 miles to Groveland School in Minnetonka for the 5 or 6 months I was with them. Also, they had me as a convalescent since I had my appendix removed during that period.

The new Maplewoods house had a seperate apartment over the garage for Nana & Titi. A stairway led up from the back door to a small eating area and kitchinette with two closets. They had a large sitting/bedroom with two rollaway beds and a bathroom. As they became unable to care for themselves, they moved to the Hampshire Arms Hotel, 900-4th Ave S., Minneapolis. I remember visiting her with Dad just before she died and glancing up to see her sitting and looking down at us...very poignant. Parents: Frederick Rogers and Harriet Ayers Watts.

He was married to Jane A. Crowley on 5 Jun 1892 in Minneapolis MN. Children were: Herbert Wilson Rogers, Grace A. Rogers.

bullet Herbert Wilson Rogers(2) was born on 2 Dec 1901 in Minneapolis MN. He died on 9 Jan 1966 in Deephaven MN. Eight Years after Dad's death, the following was written by Len Simonet, one of his law partners, and is in the firm's archives:
"Herbert W Rogers was the first person to become affiliated with the firm of Best & Flanagan. Hegraduated from Amherst College, Cum Laude, in 1924, got his LLB at Harvard Law School in 1927 and returned to his home city, Minneapolis, where he became associated with Stinchfield, Mackall Crounse & Moore (along with his law school friend, Bob Congdin of Duluth) in the fall of 1927. At the time the Stinchfield firm was one of the largest and most prestigeous firms in the city, but Rogers was not happy with the group so when Jim Best and Bob Flanagan learned of this, they recruited Herb whom they had known at Harvard. He joined Best & Flanagan in 1931, immediately after they moved into the Rand Tower, and his name was added to the firm.
"Herb was one of the most handsome and congenial men you ever met. He was an excellent athlete and had a great love of sports. While still in school, he spent his summers on Madeline Island and was the pitcher on the Bayfield baseball team. He was not only popularwith his fellow ball players but was loved by all the people in Bayfield and on the Island.
"He was a very successful lawyer. His relationship with clients was based on personal friendships as well as their respect for his good judgement and knowledge of law. One of the first clients turned over to Herb was National Tea Co. which had been incorporated in MN by Jim Best's father, E.N. Best in 1923. The person who organized the company was Guy H Thomas Sr. and it speaks well of the firm that after more than 50 years, both National Tea and the Thomas Family remain clients.
"Herb fit into the local management of National Tea like an old shoe. There was a great deal of entertaining by the suppliers of the company and Herb was always included on the guest list. The opening of the baseball season became National Tea's turn to entertain. The party started at 11:00am at Culbertson's Cafe on Excelsior Blvd. in St. Louis Park; after plenty of booze, lunch was served at 1:00; and then a race to the ball park on the corner of Nicollet and Lake. Anyone arriving before the start of the 7th inning was greeted with great cheers by the National Tea crowd and was not considered late for the game.
"Every summer, Best Flanagan & Rogers entertained the National Tea group with a speghetti dinner at Bob Flanagan's house on Stubbs Bay, Lake Minnetonka. The party started about three in the afternoon when we gathered around the swimming pool for drinks and a skinny dip (women were not members of the firm or in executive positions at National Tea in those days). The cocktail hour started rather early, followed by Flanagan's dinner and poker until two in the morning.
"Herb developed many fine clients, the best known being Lithium Corporation of America, started by Carl Leute who became interested in the electrolytic seperation of manganese. During WW II, Leute was trying to develop a tract in South Dakota he believed contained manganese when traveling to Washington DC he met a government employee who told him the government had plenty of manganese but desperatly needed a source of lithium ore. Leute assured him he had just the organization to handle the matter and made an appointment to meet the next day in the Pentagon. Fremont Clark, a geologist, was working for Leute and the next morning Leute called Clark and asked him, "What the hell is lithium?" Clark found lithium ore in the Black Hills, a plant was built in St. Louis Park, MN and the government bought all it could produce for use in making the atom bomb. Leute died in 1951 and Herb was elected President, leaving the Firm.
"LCA built a new plant in Gastonia NC in the late 1950's and moved its corporate headquarters to New York in 1960. Herb became Chairman and returned to the practice of law, officing with the firm until his untimely death.
"Herb was always considered a health nut. His father-in-law, S. Marx White, was on of the founders of the Nicollet Clinic and Herb was very close to his borther-in-law, Asher, also a doctor. Herb was one of the first to avoid cholesterol in his food but he had one bad habit: he had a standing order at Billy and Marty's tobacco shop for two cartons of Camels a week. He developed cancer about the time doctors were warning of the dangers of smoking and died at age 64."
Parents: Herbert Alexander Rogers and Jane A. Crowley.

He was married to Anna Elizabeth White on 14 Sep 1929 in Home of S. Marx White, S. E. Minneapolis MN. Children were: Peter Marx Rogers, James Herbert Rogers.

bullet Isaac Rogers(2) was born in England. The Rogers Family were not Church of England members; they were known as Dissenters, Independents or Non-Conformists which in reality were Congregationalist, originating in England about 1700.

Isaac, Dorcas and Isaac Jr. are prominently written up in Felix. H. Erith's book, "Ardleigh In 1796" (pages 24, 28,50, 51and 110).He was one of the outstanding farmers in Essex, leasing Ardleigh Hall, including 231 acres, in 1793. He was the largest employer in the village (on average, it took one person to farm one acre at that time). According to the 1821 census, he was still flourishing at Ardleigh but
apparently the lease was not renewed. Where the family moved to is not known but I surmise the children scattered. I found young Isaac lived in Essex and died about 1840...he apparently lived with Dorcas and was a merchant.
William moved to Dorking, southwest of London. Parents: .

He was married to Dorcas Phillips on 17 Nov 1794 in Ardleigh, Essex, England. Children were: William Rogers, Isaac Rogers, Ann Rogers, John Rogers, George Rogers, Mary Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Harriot Rogers, Henry Rogers, Robert Rogers, Charlotte Rogers.

bullet Isaac Rogers(2) was born on 28 Aug 1795 in Ardleigh, Essex England. He died on 15 Jul 1843 in Southminster Essex. He was a in oyster merchant. He was christened in Castle Hedingham, Essex. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips .

bullet Isabel Rogers(2) was born in 1867 in Missouri. She died on 28 Dec 1941 in Cleveland OH. Parents: William Clayton Rogers and Huldah M. Baker.

Children were: Laurance C. Burton, Paul H. Burton.

bulletJames Rogers(2) was born on 1 Jun 1777. Parents: .

bullet James Herbert Rogers(2) was born on 7 Apr 1935 in Minneapolis MN. He was educated in 1954 in Blake School. He was educated in 1958 in U of MN; social Chm. Psi Upsilon for 4 years. Parents: Herbert Wilson Rogers and Anna Elizabeth White.

He was married to Barbara Jo Cashin on 28 Dec 1957 in Minneapolis MN. Children were: Elizabeth Beryl Rogers , Amy Jo Rogers.

bullet John Rogers(2) was born on 2 Jul 1798. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet John Rogers(1) was born on 1 Mar 1641 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. He died on 28 Jun 1732 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island.

He was married to Elizabeth Pabodie about Nov 1666 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Children were: Sarah Rogers.

bullet Kathleen Elizabeth Rogers(2) was born on 20 Jan 1986. Parents: Mark Peter Rogers and Suzette Graham.

bullet Mark Peter Rogers(2) was born on 9 Jan 1956 in Tinker Air Force Base, Midwest City OK. Parents: Peter Marx Rogers and Betty Jean Wimmer.

He was married to Suzette Graham on 9 Jun 1984 in Navarre MN. He was divorced from Suzette Graham in 1988 in Minneapolis MN. He was divorced from Suzette Graham. Children were: Kathleen Elizabeth Rogers.

bullet Mary Rogers(2) was born on 1 May 1800. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

bullet Montague Rogers(2) was born on 28 Mar 1838 in Dorking England. Parents: William Rogers and Harriet Wilson.

bullet My (Mary?) Rogers(2) was born on 5 Aug 1770. Parents: .

bullet Peter Marx Rogers(2) was born on 19 Sep 1931 in Minneapolis MN. The research of the Rogers Family started with the discovery , on the inside cover of a wooden box on Mom's dresser shortly before her move to Hillcrest Health care Center in 1981, of this phrase in old script: "Isaac Rogers, Ardleigh Hall, Essex, Nov 20, 1794". (The box is in my possession at Mark's house in Plymouth).

Correspondence with various people led me the Felix Erith, a farmer and amateaur geneologist/historian in Ardeigh. He sent me his book, "Ardleigh in 1796", which has considerable information on Isaac, and we subsequently corresponded and visited him in 1983. He gave Betty and me a full days tour of Ardleigh and Dedham. The original Ardleigh Hall had burned in 1979 and a racquet/social club built on the site. In Dedham we saw the private school attended by William and some of his siblings, we had high tea and walked through the church next to the school where "Roaring Rogers" preached in the early 1700s (I've not tried to find any direct connection between him and our family, but that is something to pursue). Parents: Herbert Wilson Rogers and Anna Elizabeth White.

He was married to Betty Jean Wimmer on 20 Aug 1954 in Minneapolis MN.(3) Children were: Mark Peter Rogers.

bullet Robert Rogers(2) was born on 27 Feb 1809. Parents: Isaac Rogers and Dorcas Phillips.

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