bullet Jane A. Crowley (2) was born on 10 Aug 1869 in Dracut MA. She died on 6 Mar 1944 in Hampshire Arms Hotel, Minneapolis MN. She was buried in Lakewood, Mpls. Parents: Daniel Crowley and Grace Glispin.

She was married to Herbert Alexander Rogers on 5 Jun 1892 in Minneapolis MN. Children were: Herbert Wilson Rogers, Grace A. Rogers.

bullet Jerome Crowley(2) was born on 13 Feb 1865 in Worcester MA. Jerome showed on the 1880 census but no further record was found, although I believe he moved to Minneapolis with his mother and the 3 youngest sisters in 1884 or '85 where they livbed in a hotel at 11th Street and Hennipen Ave. Parents: Daniel Crowley and Grace Glispin.

bullet Johanna Crowley(2) was born on 31 Dec 1867 in Lowell MA. She died on 2 Aug 1868 in Lowell MA. Parents: Daniel Crowley and Grace Glispin.

bullet Mary Crowley(2) was born on 6 Nov 1860 in Dracut MA. She died on 26 Aug 1953 in Chicago IL. I vaguely remember Aunt Mary as coming to watch our highschool football game when Blake traveled to Lake Forest IL in the fall of 1949. I did the kickoffs and point after and I think we won. Parents: Daniel Crowley and Grace Glispin.

She was married to James McCarty M.D. on 16 Apr 1884 in Church of Immaculate Conception, Lowell MA. Children were: James J. McCarty Jr. M.D..

bullet Hal Davis(2) was born in 1892. Parents: William Clayton Rogers and Maud B. Davis.

bullet Maud B. Davis(2) was born in 1867 in Pennsylvania.

She was married to William Clayton Rogers about 1898. Children were: Hal Davis.

bullet Unknow Davis(2)

bulletSarah Dewey(2).

Children were: Simeon White, Henry White, Olive White, Silas White, Thomas White.

bulletHugh H. DeWitt(2).

He was married to Joanne on 26 May 1956.

bullet Dorcas (2)

Children were: Dorcas Phillips.

bulletHarriette Dorn(2) was born on 8 Apr 1886 in Muskegon MI.

She was married to Halbert Armstrong White on 9 Sep 1908. Children were: Lillian White, H.Lynn White, Carol White, Harriette White.

bullet David Eaton(2)

bulletMurray Eiland(2) Divorced about 1967. He was a in psychoanalyst & author on oriental rugs.

bulletElizabeth (2) was born about 1625. She died about 1690.

Children were: Jacob White, Nathaniel White, Elizabeth White, John White, Mary White, Daniel White, Sarah White, Joseph White.

bulletElizabeth (2) was born on 16 Nov 1948. Parents: Frank Edwin Rice Jr. and Eleanor White.

bullet Henry Farmer(2)

bulletCharlotte Farnham(2).

bulletJoseph Frarey(2).

bulletPhilura Frink(1) was born on 21 Feb 1755 in Stonington, New London, CT. She died on 11 Jul 1806 in Pittston, PA.

She was married to William Searle on 17 Oct 1773 in Stonington, CT. Children were: Abigail Searle.

bullet Beulah S. Fuller(2)

She was married to Solon Marx , M.D. White on 22 Jan 1944 in Minneapolis MN.

bullet Carol Garby(2) Parents: Dell Garby and Helen Mighell.

Children were: 3 sons Crocker, 1 dtr Crocker .

bulletDell Garby(2).

He was married to Helen Mighell on 16 Aug 1916. Children were: Louis Garby, Carol Garby.

bullet Louis Garby(2) Parents: Dell Garby and Helen Mighell.

bullet Jonathan Gilbert(2)

bulletMarilou Glasco(2).

Children were: James J. "Jay" V McCarty.

bulletGrace Glispin(2) was born in 1834 in Kilkenny Ireland. She died on 3 Sep 1892 in Spokane WA. For more information about the Glispin family, see the green hardcover book "Glispin Geneology" by Mary Jane Dorgan, PhD. In 1982 or '83, after I had spent a day in the Lowell area researching the Crowley side of the family, I tore the page from the telephone white pages with the names and addresses of all the Crowleys in Lowell. I then wrote the same letter to each of them giving enough information about what I knew of the family so that if any of them suspected a relationship, they could contact me. After several months, I received a letter from Jane Dorgan. She was born Nov. 5, 1927, the daughter of John Dorgan and grandaughter of Mary Jane Glispin Lanen. She had recently a retired as a school administrator, living in Hartford CT. She was nearing the end of her research into the Glispin Family and while she knew of the existence of the Glispin-Crowley branch, she had no information about it. Thus, I could bring her quite a bit of information and she could give me some...we appear on pages 47-56. Parents: Thomas Glispin and Anastasia Buggy.

She was married to Daniel Crowley on 5 Jun 1859 in Lowell MA (Fr. John O'Brien, priest). Children were: Jane A. Crowley, Mary Crowley, Ellen Crowley, Jerome Crowley, Johanna Crowley, GraceM. Crowley, Grace Crowley.

bullet Thomas Glispin(2)

Children were: Grace Glispin.

bulletMichelle Graham(2). Parents: Richard Graham and Barbara.

bulletRichard Graham(2).

Children were: Suzette Graham, Michelle Graham.

bulletSuzette Graham(2) was born on 16 Apr 1960 in Montana. Parents: Richard Graham and Barbara.

She was married to Mark Peter Rogers on 9 Jun 1984 in Navarre MN. She was divorced from Mark Peter Rogers in 1988 in Minneapolis MN. She was divorced from Mark Peter Rogers. Children were: Kathleen Elizabeth Rogers.

bullet Rick Hardy(2)

bulletHelen (2).

Children were: Elizabeth McCusker.

bulletRichard Howard(2).

Children were: Tthomas Joseph Coffield, Samual James Howard.

bulletSamual James Howard(2) was born on 10 Apr 1998 in Evanston IL. Parents: Richard Howard and Catherine Kelly Coffield.

bullet Alexander Edward Howell(2) was born on 24 Jul 1993. Parents: Lawrence Woodard Howell and Elizabeth Beryl Rogers.

bullet Asher James Howell(2) was born on 19 Oct 1990. Parents: Lawrence Woodard Howell and Elizabeth Beryl Rogers.

bullet Lawrence Woodard Howell(2) was born on 17 Oct 1957 in Minneapolis MN. Parents: Richard Howell and Nancy Woodard.

He was married to Elizabeth Beryl Rogers on 20 Sep 1986 in Minneapolis MN. He was divorced from Elizabeth Beryl Rogers in Apr 1999. He was divorced from Elizabeth Beryl Rogers. Children were: Asher James Howell, Alexander Edward Howell.

bullet Richard Howell(2)

Children were: Lawrence Woodard Howell.

bulletAlice L. Hughson(2).

She was married to Arthur Thomas White on 19 Apr 1906 in Enterprise Colony CA (near Clovis). Children were: Addison H. White , Eleanor White, Donald White , Neil K. White, Halbert White .

bullet Jean (2)

Children were: Kevin Canatsey.

bulletJoanne (2) was born on 26 Aug 1936. Parents: Frank Edwin Rice Jr. and Eleanor White.

She was married to Hugh H. DeWitt on 26 May 1956.

bullet Johanna (2)

Children were: Mary Welch.

bulletSimeon White Jr(2) was born on 23 Jul 1790 in Tunbridge VT. He died in Oct 1859 in Horicon WI. Barnston Quebec is about 8 miles north of the Vermont border. At the time of their marriage, it was thought that Barnston was still part of the US as it was before the international border was fixed. Except for a couple of years in Avon and Sweden NY between 1814 and 1817, the family lived in Barnston until about 1850 when the entire family, including some married children travelled part of the way on the Erie Canal, thence by boat to Milwaukee and on to Horicon WI Parents: Simeon White and Eunice Cressy.

He was married to Lydia Colburn on 11 Mar 1812 in Barston Quebec Canada. Children were: Solon Constantine White, Dency White, Lydia White, Eunice White, Sophia White, Simeon Phineus White, Sally White, Betsey White, Ebenezer Vining White, Edwin White, Rosetta White, Cyrus White.

bullet Frank Edwin Rice Jr.(2) Parents: Frank Edwin Rice and Maude Barlow.

He was married to Eleanor White on 1 Feb 1936 in Dinuba CA. Children were: Joanne, Richard, Barbara, Elizabeth.

bullet Julia (2)

Children were: James McCarty M.D..

bulletJeffrey L. Kao(2).

He was married to Jennifer Louise Coffield on 2 Mar 1981. He was divorced from Jennifer Louise Coffield in 1985. He was divorced from Jennifer Louise Coffield. Children were: Shannon Marie Kao.

bullet Shannon Marie Kao(2) was born on 23 Jul 1982 in Jacksonville NC. Parents: Jeffrey L. Kao and Jennifer Louise Coffield.

bullet Hannah Katz(2) was born in Indura Byelorussia.

Children were: Louis Samuel Amdur.

bulletJudith Ann Kelly(2) was born on 13 Sep 1942 in Sioux City IA. Parents: Thomas James Kelly and Genevieve McPhee.

She was married to James Lloyd III Coffield in Apr 1962 in Yuma AZ. She was divorced from James Lloyd III Coffield in 1979. She was divorced from James Lloyd III Coffield. Children were: Jennifer Louise Coffield, Catherine Kelly Coffield, James Lloyd IV Coffield .

bullet Thomas James Kelly(2)

Children were: Judith Ann Kelly.

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