Children were: Robert White.

bulletHelen was born in 1523. She died in 1580.

Children were: Robert White.

bulletMargaret .

Children were: Mary Levett.

bulletAsher Miner Abbott(1). Parents: Stephen Fuller Abbott and Charlotte Miner.

He was married to Mary Emma Cook in 1864. Children were: Sarah Minor Abbott.

bullet Grace Abbott(2)

Children were: Wendell Latham, Wendell's Brother Latham.

bulletSarah Minor Abbott(2) (1) was born on 20 Apr 1873 in Newark IL. She was born on 20 Apr 1873 in Newark, IL. She died on 30 Mar 1931 in Minneapolis MN. She died on 30 Mar 1931 in Minneapolis, MN. Parents: Asher Miner Abbott and Mary Emma Cook.

She was married to Solon Marx , M.D. White on 25 Jul 1900 in Minneapolis MN. Children were: Anna Elizabeth White, Asher Miner Abbott M.D. White, Mary Grace White.

She was married to Solon Marks White on 25 Jul 1900. Children were: Asher Miner Abbott M.D. White.

bullet Stephen Abbott(1) was born on 19 Apr 1771. He died on 22 Jul 1853.

He was married to Abigail Searle about 1800. Children were: Stephen Fuller Abbott .

bullet Stephen Fuller Abbott(1) Parents: Stephen Abbott and Abigail Searle.

He was married to Charlotte Miner about 1860. Children were: Asher Miner Abbott.

bullet Elizabeth Alden(1) was born between 1623 and 1625 in Plymouth, MA. She died on 31 May 1717 in Little Compton RI. Parents: John Alden and Priscilla Mullins .

She was married to William Pabodie on 26 Dec 1644 in Duxbury MA. Children were: Elizabeth Pabodie.

bullet John Alden(1) was born in 1599 in England. He died on 22 Sep 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

He was married to Priscilla Mullins about 1621 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Children were: Elizabeth Alden.

bullet Beryl Janice Allen(2) was born on 20 May 1903 in Duluth MN. She died on 27 Aug 1998 in Minneapolis MN. Parents: Joseph Allen and Mary Jane Unknown.

She was married to Edward Archibald Cashin on 18 Sep 1925 in Duluth MN. Children were: Barbara Jo Cashin, Mary Jane Cashin.

bullet Joseph Allen(2)

Children were: Beryl Janice Allen.

bulletLydia Allen(2).

She was married to Lawrance Colburn in 1792. Children were: Lydia Colburn .

bullet Bridgit Allgar (Alger) was born BAP MAR 11 1562 in Shallford, Essex, England.

Children were: John White.

bulletLouis Samuel Amdur(2) was born on 9 Jan 1887 in Indura, Byelorussia. He Immigrated between 1904 and 1909. He died on 30 Nov in Kingston NY. He was a New York businessman & upstate NY packing plant owner. Parents: Rubin Amdur and Hannah Katz.

Children were: Lilyan A. Brudner.

bulletRubin Amdur(2) was born in Indura Byelorussia.

Children were: Louis Samuel Amdur.

bulletAmanda Clayanna "Annie" Armstrong(2) was born on 26 May 1844 in Delphi OH. She died on 13 Feb 1925 in Dinuba CA. Parents: Thomas , M.D. Armstrong.

She was married to Solon Constantine White on 16 Jan 1863 in Horicon WI. Children were: Solon Marx , M.D. White, Gracia May White, Halbert Armstrong White, Arthur Thomas White, Benjamin Terry White.

bullet Thomas , M.D. Armstrong(2)

Children were: Amanda Clayanna "Annie" Armstrong.

bulletAnn Ayers (2).

Children were: Harriet Ayers Watts.

bulletJohn Bacon(2).

bulletHuldah M. Baker(2) was born in 1843 in New York. She died about 1895 in Cleveland OH.

She Single on 9 Sep 1865 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Children were: Isabel Rogers, Stanley Rogers, Ada Rogers.

bullet Barbara (2) was born on 19 Dec 1944. Parents: Frank Edwin Rice Jr. and Eleanor White.

bullet Barbara (2)

bulletBarbara (2).

Children were: Suzette Graham, Michelle Graham.

bulletMaude Barlow(2).

Children were: Frank Edwin Rice Jr..

bulletMoses Barnard(2).

bulletAvis Hogue Barrett(2) was born on 8 Nov 1907. She died in Jan 1986.

Children were: Peter Barrett .

bulletMary Hogue Barrett(2) was born on 31 Mar 1957 in Alexandria VA. She graduated in May 1984 in Cornell Univ. BA & JD Cum Laude. She graduated in Jan 1992 in John Marshall Law. Mary was on the Dean's List 4 semesters at Cornell, getting a cum laude in cultural anthropology. She passed her state Bar Exam in May 1995 and the Federal Bar in June 1995. She lives in a rural area of Ithaca where she practices law. Parents: Peter Barrett and Carolyn Coffield.

bullet Peter Barrett(2) was born on 20 Aug 1931 in Oconomowoc WI. He graduated in 1953 in Wharton School @@ Univ. of Penn.. He graduated in 1956 in Northwestern Law School. He was a between 1959 and 1999 in Sr. V.P. @@ Stein Roe & Farnham Invest. Council. Peter was adopted by Avis Stone's second husband, Mr. Barrett. Parents: F. Paul Stone and Avis Hogue Barrett.

He was married to Carolyn Coffield on 15 Aug 1956 in Chicago IL. Children were: Mary Hogue Barrett.

bullet John Beaumont(2)

He was married to Elizabeth Ann Courtney in Sep 1966. Children were: Rosemary Beaumont, Jonathon Beaumont.

bullet Jonathon Beaumont(2) was born on 15 Jul 1970. Parents: John Beaumont and Elizabeth Ann Courtney.

bullet Rosemary Beaumont(2) was born on 7 Mar 1967. Parents: John Beaumont and Elizabeth Ann Courtney.

bullet Aubry Belford(2) was born on 1 Feb 1984 in Sidney, NSW, Australia. Parents: Bruce Belford and Rosalba (Dekanic) Belford.

bullet Bruce Belford(2)

He was married to Rosalba (Dekanic) Belford in 1980 in USA. Children were: Aubry Belford.

bullet Rosalba (Dekanic) Belford(2) was born on 9 Nov 1952 in Croatia. She Divorced in 1989. She was educated in 1992 in Teaching Certificate: Buteyko Breathing Method (for asthma, etc.). She was educated in Primary & Secondary @@ Wollongong, NSW.

She was married to Bruce Belford in 1980 in USA. Children were: Aubry Belford.

She was married to Michael James Courtney on 15 Jun 1991 in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Children were: Cael Courtney.

bullet Unk Benton(2)

bulletLouise Bickham(2) was born on 31 May 1902. She died on 12 Nov 1935.

She was married to James L. Coffield on 20 Nov 1924. Children were: Carolyn Coffield , Kitty (Katherine Amelia) Coffield, James Lloyd III Coffield.

bullet Mary Birge(2)

bulletWilliam Bloomer(2).

bulletCarol Blossom(2).

Children were: Lynda M. McCarty, James J. IV McCarty, John McCarty, Carol B. McCarty.

bulletLydia Bodwell(2).

bulletElizabeth Bordman(2).

bulletJennifer Bragg(2).

Children were: Simon Stearns, William Stearns.

bulletHarvey Brudner(2) was a physicist. He Divorced in date unknown.

bullet Lilyan A. Brudner(2) Post Graduate in 1969 in PhD UC Berkeley. She was born in Fresno CA and grew up in Kingston and NYC, NY, and Washington, DC. She graduated in B.A. Hunter College. She is an Anthropologist & a Family Therapist. She did fieldwork in central Mexico and long-term fieldwork in Carinthia, Austria, and was Director of a language attitudes and policy recommendation project for the government of the Republic of Ireland. Her Maiden Name was Lilyan Lois Amdur. Parents: Louis Samuel Amdur and Mary Rose Mascowitz.

She was married to Douglas Richie White on 21 Mar 1970. Children were: Scott White.

bullet Anastasia Buggy(2)

Children were: Grace Glispin.

bulletElizabeth Bunce(2).

bulletSarah Bunce(2).

bulletFrank J. Burton(2).

Children were: Laurance C. Burton, Paul H. Burton.

bulletLaurance C. Burton(2) was born about 1895 in Cleveland OH. He died in 1958 in Yucaipa CA. Lived in Chagrin Falls OH for 25 years while he worked as an electrical engineer. He retired in 1955 and moved to Yucaipa CA. He was survived by his wife, Constance, and bother, Paul, but no children. Parents: Frank J. Burton and Isabel Rogers.

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