Michael T. Turvey Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 1:14 PM
To: drwhite@uci.edu
Dear Professor White

I would like to invite you to give this year's lecture in the Arthur Iberall Distinguished Lecture Series on "Life and the Sciences of Complexity". Previous lecturers were Yates, Bassingthwaighte, Kelso, Beek, and Kugler. A suggested title would be "Social Physics".

The lecture is on Friday, December 5. The speaker typically arrives on the Wednesday, leads a workshop on Thursday, and gives the Iberall Lecture at 4pm on the Friday.

The speaker (and often spouse) stay in the guest facility of our home. It is noteworthy for having an English pub, "Sweet William's" on the premises! Wednesday night is usually a welcome pub night with relevant faculty. Thursday night after the workshop is a gathering and dinner at the home of Professor Claire Michaels with all CESPA faculty and students. Friday night is dinner and pub night at our house, typically with 40+ guests for dinner (Iberall family, faculty from a variety of universities and disciplines, doctoral students, etc).

All speakers to date have had a grand time, intellectually and socially. You might wish to confirm with Gene Yates.

Your fare and accommodations will be taken care of (as noted) and there is a $500 honorarium.

I sincerely hope you can accept this invitation. Bringing Ibby's ideas on a social physics to the series would be of special significance.


Mike Turvey


Eugene Yates, "Life and the Sciences of Complexity"
James Bassingthwaighte, "Dissecting Coordination Dynamics"
Scott Kelso, "Understanding the Mind"
Peter Beek, "Fractal Lessons from the Heart: Scaling and Multicausality in Physiological Systems"
Peter Kugler, "Complex Systems, Self-Organization and Emergence through Measurement: A Study in Semantic Modeling"
Douglas White, "Social Physics: Networks and Causal Chains"