Live Feedback ImageMap (Hints)

The study sites -- some in the ethnographic map, some in the historical map and some in both -- and the six types actions they trigger are:
  1. Round 3-D buttons appear when crossed by the mouse, clicking will link a site to its html page
    1. Chuukese of Micronesia (placed near Hawaii because the Pacific is cut off)
    2. Omaha Indians
    3. Tzintzuntzan, Mexico
    4. Tlaxcala, Mexico
    5. Colonial Guatemalan elites (historical only)
    6. American political elites (historical)
    7. Feistriz village, Austria
    8. Florence, Italy, in the Renaissance (historical only)
    9. Turkish Nomads
    10. Turkish Villagers
    11. Gwembe Valley sites, Zambia
    12. Pul Eliya in Sri Lanka
    13. Sawahan village in Java, Indonesia
    14. Qing Imperial Lineage, Beijing (historical only)
  2. Square 3-D buttons appear when crossed by the mouse, click for menu of html pages for all sites
    1. West Africa (multiple sites: Dogon and Tuareg)
  3. Areas highlighted by a dark rectangle when crossed by the mouse
    1. Rapanui (Easter Island)
    2. Amazonian Indians (multiple sites)
  4. These latter areas show the words " web site" in the status line when you enter them
    1. Rapanui (Easter Island)
    2. Amazonian Indians (multiple sites)
  5. All areas when entered play an audio file of me saying the name of the site
    1. such as "Tzintzuntzan, Mexico"
    2. or "Tlaxcala, Mexico"
  6. Finally, the entire image provides coordinate feedback if you press, and/or drag, and/or drag and release any mouse button over it. This is extremely useful to some editing an ImageMap Sun and IBM corporations are acknowledged for providing the Java language templates for these interactive ImageMaps. Funding for various aspects of this project was provided at different times by the National Science Foundation, the Mellon Foundation (see elites, xxx), and the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropoligical Research.