European Conference on Complex Systems 2006 (ECCS '06), Said Business School, University of Oxford, 25-29 September 2006

SATELLITE WORKSHOP at the Sept 25-29 ECCS06 (google that) in Oxford on Social and Network Complexity.

Title: Social and Historical Dynamics (1.5 - 2 day sessions). Co-Hosted with the James Martin Institute for science and civilization

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Workshop participants can make reservations on campus as part of the registration for the main conference. Not absolutely required that you attend or register for the main conference, however, SO LONG AS I HAVE YOUR INSTITUIONAL AFFILIATION AND ADDRESS. I am making an Attendee list right now, check if I have you on it.

Invited speakers for the satellite workshops do not have to pay the ECCS'06 conference fees if they are only attending as speakers of the workshop, and do not intend to participate in any other part of the conference. Note that travel and costs will not be covered by the conference organisers. Invited workshop speakers who want to participate more fully in the conference will be required to pay the full conference fees, in line with the arrangements for all other participants,

Invited speakers and others who do not register on the conference website as fee-paying particpants must provide us, as workshop organisers, with full name, institutional affiliation, and address. This is important because security regulations do not allow Oxford to admit anyone into the building who is not on a list that has been available for security screening in advance of the event. This may sound rather heavy, but unfortunately those are the rules we will have to live with.

ONCE-CS stands for Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems. It is funded by the European Commission by the FET unit (Future and Emerging technology) of the IST (Information Society Technology) priority of Framework 6. It will continue the work of the Exystence network (5thPCRdT).